Saturday, December 05, 2009

december five

This picture was taken at work yesterday. Jamie asked me to photograph the store so he could show my dad and some other people the improvements we've done since taken over the franchise. I have no idea what it looked like before I started there after my maternity leave was over, but I like the look now, how clean it is, and how organized. If you look in the distance, Jamie's standing next to one of our employees (in the red shirt). I work all the way in the back in an office. I like being there. It's nice and quiet, I get my work done and no one really bothers me. We have a great group of people working for us, and I'm really happy the way things are going.

This morning I skipped Sean's swimming class. Oops. I didn't feel like going. I'm bad. He has 2 classes left and I WILL be going to them. And Mack will be going to his swim class this week. Finally. I promise. With the kids being sick and then me coming down with a really bad cold two weeks ago, it's just been one thing after another.

This morning I went out with Sean instead. We had a TON of errands to run. We did a huge post office run (took us almost an hour at the post office at the counter). I picked up something for Jamie for his birthday, which of course Sean wanted himself, but I will get to that in a few minutes. We got my watch battery replaced. We returned our library books that were due. We picked up lunch and then headed home. Mack was already in his nap when we got home.

At lunch, just after sitting down at the table Sean says "Daddy, we bought you a hockey player for your birthday"... I was shocked. He cannot keep a secret! Oh no! So of course I gave Jamie his birthday present early (his birthday is this Thursday). I couldn't believe it!! The little bugger. I picked up a Maurice Richard figurine that I saw, since Jamie collects some of them. I really liked this one, since it's was vintage. It's from me to him for his birthday. I also gave him some money to spend online to buy some hockey cards he wanted. The kids got him (but I will only give it to him on Thursday) some new sweaters and some new long sleeve shirts, which he needs. Let him open something on his birthday! I'll knit him some socks as well, but those he'll get when I am done them (after starting them of course!)

This afternoon I did some cleaning up in my office, and somehow Sean managed to put the little "key" that comes with the knitpicks options set down the drain of the sink. I was furious. I should have another one somewhere, but still! I can't believe he did that! You know the little key you use to hold the cable in place so that the needle screws on securely? Yeah, that little key. Gone. So angry!! The little bugger.

Tonight we had Jamie's friend & his girlfriend over for chinese fondu dinner. I love fondu dinner. It's by far one of my fave things to have with friends. We'll be doing it again for new years eve with them. There is actually a Habs game on this year on new year's eve, so we'll be watching that as well. It's an early game - 5pm. So we'll be able to watch the game and then enjoy dinner. On new year's eve they are playing the Florida Panthers, which my grandmother is going to the game in Florida, with her "Canadian Club" friends. She's part of a group in her area that holds events and outings with other "snow birds". It's kinda of nice. I'm actually quite jealous that she's going to that game! I also have a friend who will be in Florida at the same time and will be going to that game as well. She was in playgroup with her son who is a month & a half older than Mack. (She's the one whose husband has season tickets to the Habs 2 seats over from us and kinneared me knitting at a recent Habs game).

Speaking of the Habs, Sean managed to get ketchup ALL over his white Habs jersey tonight. I really hope it comes out. It's currently soaking...! I don't know why Jamie let him eat ketchup in his habs jersey. I never let him eat anything at all while wearing it.


Bea said...

The store really is very neatly organized. It looks like a nice place to shop. Wow, Sean is on a roll. Hopefully you found another key?

g-girl said...

i'm thinkin' sean told jamie what his gift was because he wanted..i think lil ones can keep a secret (only if it is to their own advantage that is!). ugh..sorry to hear he lost the lil key for your kp options. can you have kp send you another one in case you can't find the other one? i've never had chinese fondu! that is very cool that your grandma will be spending part of her new year's eve @ a habs game.

Amelah said...

Store looks good since I had been there last!! [when I was managing 2 days a week to help out Frankie when we first took it back from that A$$hole!]! Keep up the good work!! :)

Tara said...

Émilie is awful about secrets too. The first clue that there's something afoot is when she says "Nothing!" as soon as I walk in the door, heh.