Sunday, December 06, 2009

december six :: 153 weeks old

Sean is 153 weeks old today.

He decided that he wanted to feed his brother breakfast this morning (we had oatmeal).

We hung out in the basement for most of the morning, since Jamie went out today.
Mack is attached to this hockey stick. He carries it around the house.

We "played" bored games.

The kids "posed" for photos.
They took "naps" in hockey nets.

We also sat inside hockey nets.
We wrote a letter to Santa Clause. Canada Post allows kids to mail their letters to him for free, and they have Santa's Helpers that will respond to the kids. I'll mail it out tomorrow and see what we get in response. Sean wrote that he wanted some new books, some new toy cars and a kitchen play set (which he will be getting from my brother & sister for his birthday). (He also doesn't know that he will be getting plenty of cars & book also for his birthday/the holidays, so he'll be happy!)
Tonight we went to my parents house for supper. Sean got to try out a new trike that my parents ordered from airmiles. It's pretty awesome. He almost refused to go home!! He just wanted to stay and ride the trike. My parents will let him ride it in their house until the summer and then it will go outside to be an outdoor toy.
When we got home from dinner tonight, Jamie and I for the first time ever were able to sit down at the couch and watch Dexter live on it's original airdate. We're finally caught up to date. Season 4 ends next Sunday, so we're finally up-to-date. I wonder if there will be a Season 5? Does anyone know?
So I've decided, 2010, I'm knitting for me. ME, ME, ME! I don't have much in regards to knitting for myself. I think I've certainly crafted enough for others lately, so I really want to finally make myself a sweater. I want to maybe even make myself more than 1 sweater in 2010. So we'll see what happens with knitting for other people, as there are still a few unfinished items (like a sweater for Mack), Maybe a sweater for Sean too - in size 3... we'll see! They outgrow things so fast, it kills me that they don't get to wear things long, you know? But 2010, will be for me. It's only fair! I have knit myself little things in 2009 (like Bella's Mittens, Go Habs Go Socks, Clapotis, Ishbel, Chevron Scarf, Misty Garden, but I've knit and crochet a lot for other people,


Amelah said...

Knitting for you is good :)

2010 is also the year for knitting up stash - and not adding to stash!!!

Cool let me know what "Santa" responds to Sean! Cute idea tho!!

Bea said...

I like your idea of knitting for you in the new year. Looks like you and the boys had a lot of fun this day!

g-girl said...

that is so cute that sean wanted to feed mack breakfast. did he do a decent job? in the 'posed' picture what are those things in the very back on a shelf? that trike is so cool! good for you for deciding that you're knitting for you next year. gosh, there are so many sweater patterns to choose from! good lucking in selecting.

Tara said...

Definitely knit for yourself in 2010. Your money, your time? Your knitwear. You GO girl!