Sunday, December 13, 2009

december thirteen :: 154 weeks old

Sean is 154 weeks old today!

This morning I had booked a studio session to re-do Sean's school pictures after the school photographer had done a horrible job with the ones she took at the daycare. I really wanted to have them, so I had them re-done. So we started with that. I just love these! Isn't he a handsome kid? I'm just biased, but still!

Then I added Mack into the mix. Both of them wanted to hold a football. Thankfully the guy taking the pictures had 2, one for each kid. I'm in love with this picture. It's just perfect. I love it. I love my boys. They're too cute. Ok, I'll stop gloating!

Then came the "famous" Habs jersey shots. Had to do them. Though, Sean had to hold a huge (dirty) soccer ball and cover his jersey. Next time we do this I have to remember to bring the mini hockey sticks. That would have made the shot!

Then I snuck into some photos. Wasn't having a good hair day. But we were having way too much fun with the photographer. So we decided to snap some extra.

And then my mom, who didn't come "dressed" for a photoshoot came into some photos. I think she looks great regardless. I wasn't "dressed" either for a photo shoot.

The photographer said he usually only takes about 10 shots for one booked sitting. He took 147 shots! I got them on CD, since I took the large package which gave me the 7.99$ special that is going on right now (for 30 prints) free (which is 6 sheets) as well as 12 other sheets of my choice, and the entire session on CD. The 7.99$ package that I was getting for free I used it to take Sean's new school picture so I would get wallets to give to family, and an 8x10, etc... and the other 12 sheets I picked from the above photos and made wallets and 5x7's and some 8x10's. I can't wait to get those, but the guy doesn't know if it'll be before Christmas or not. I'll cross my fingers and call on the 23rd to see. If not, no biggy.

I am so happy the way the session turned out though!

On our way home we made some stops. I was looking for a copy of Interweave Knits Holiday Gifts 2009 and cannot find a copy anywhere in this city. I've checked a few LYS', a few magazine shops and as well my local book store. Not a single copy to be found. Let me know if you have access to a copy, and don't mind sending it to me. I'll send money for it! I really want a copy. I did pick up a Foot in the Door door stop at one of the stops we made (pictured above). Isn't it cute? Sean brought it to me while I was in the kitchen earlier and said "mommy, I found your shoe in the door." I got a good laugh and put it back telling him it was meant to be there! I also picked up a thumb thing today. I can't wait to try it out. Looks neat. I am hoping it will help me hold my book while reading in bed. I'm still working on Julie & Julia. I really want to finish it soon so I can watch the movie. It's sitting here waiting for me to watch.

Tonight we went out for dinner with my parents and siblings and celebrated Chanukah.

Each kid got a really nifty Habs housecoat from both my siblings. Thank you - they love it! I also got a cute knitting notepad from my mom and a remote control to replace the one we lost (we think Mack accidentally put it in the garbage can and it got thrown out, because it's no where to be found in our house), from my sister who got it from a supplier from work. Thank you so much! Now we can finally use the sling catcher in our room again. Just need to load the remote with batteries.

Tonight I watched the movie Funny People since Jamie was still out. It wasn't even really that funny. It was also a little long (just over 2 hours). I won't be watching that one again. I didn't hate it, it just wasn't that great.

Jamie came home tonight from the poker tournament he played in today and now he can't find his scarf. He is so upset. If it doesn't turn up I told him I'd knit him a new one. I am going to see if I can found out if there is a lost & found from where he was today. Jamie thinks it's a waste of time, but I am hopeful. Jamie made it to the final table tonight out of 39 people. Since it was a work night, they all decided when it got down to the final 7 people to split the winnings fairly. Jamie came home with some winnings, which was a nice birthday gift. His dad and step-mom went with him today to play, (They are poker players as well) and gave Jamie money to enter the tournament. So by him winning, was a great birthday gift! He said it was really a lot of work to make to to the final table. I'm glad he still had fun though, that's what counts.

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Bea said...

Cute pictures!

g-girl said...

can i tell you i scrolled to look @ the pics before i started to read this post and i thought..why is her shoe in the door?? did one of the boys do that? lol. so i probably would've done the same thing as sean!! that thumb thing is interesting. you picked up some cute stuff! oh my gosh 147 pictures and the guy usually only takes 10? that's awesome. :) jamie's scarf will turn up.

Amelah said...

Love the foot stopper! So cute!!!

The pics of the boys r adorable! Such good prices @ Walamrt and they certainly do a much better job!!

Hey are you allowed to bring animals to that photographer? LOL!
Glad you and the boys like the Channukah gift!!

Yeah Funny People definitely was not one of Adam Sandler's greatest movies!!!!

TROIS OISEAUX - Kimber said...

Great pictures! Such handsome lads you have!

Happy Channukah!

Tara said...

The pictures turned out great! Glad you finally got some school pics you're happy with.