Friday, December 04, 2009

december four

Again today, Mack didn't cry at daycare drop off. I like this! I'm so happy. It makes me feel good that I can go to work or work from home and know that he's happy in his environment.
Here's my finished Bella's Mittens!

Bella's Mittens (My Ravelry Link)
For: Me!
Yarn: Kraemer Yarns Alpaca Bulky in Natural
Needles: 5.0mm/US8
Size: N/A
Timeline: November 29 2009 - December 3 2009
Modifications: Followed pattern as published.
Opinion: Love them. They're incredibly soft. I can't wait to wear them!

Today I worked in the office and I went for lunch with my store manager and Jamie. We went for some Chinese Food at the restaurant right next to us. After my meal I got a fortune cookie that was handed to me by the waitress and it read: "You will be showered with good luck". I like this! Let's see what the future holds. There are a couple of things in my life right now that I wouldn't mind some extra luck on..!

Tonight we went with my in-laws to dinner. We picked a restaurant that had tvs that we knew would be playing the Habs game. Tonight marks the Habs 100th birthday. What a pre-game ceremony! What a game! We finished watching the game when we got home. We played Boston tonight and creamed them 5-1. What a beautiful game. Why can't they play like this more often?! We need more wins. Let's hope we can get to the Stanley Cup in our 100th year. That would then mean 25 Stanley Cups in 100 years. (We currently hold 24 Stanley Cups).

What a game! It was so exciting!


Big Girl Feet said...

Wow nice job on the gloves! I love all of your knitting- you're always so great at finding and trying new patterns- soooo cool!! I hope you don't mind if I might make some for me too someday- I don't want to copy you tho'...! :)) At least we live at different ends of the country so we'd never be wearing them at the same time, same place- LOL!

Kerry said...

LOVE these!!! I have the yarn for a pair for me and can't wait to cast them on. Right after the holidays!

Amelah said...

Love your mittens! They inspired me to make mine since i am in love with the movie!!!!!!! :)

g-girl said...

cute FO pictures!

Bea said...

Love the mittens. Wish I had a use for nice thick mittens. I may knit a pair anyway...

I hope your fortune cookie is true!

Andrea said...

I'm not a twilight fan, but these mitten are gorgeous! I love the length and you chose a very fuzzy warm wool to use! I love them Robyn!

Living Inspired said...

AH yes, I just saw that pattern "Bella's mittens", but I didn't realize yours were the same. Cute idea with the apple...I am a Twilight fan, so I get the apple.

Tara said...

The mittens look awesome. Chunky yarn, eh? I wonder if I'd have enough with one skein of Malabrigo Bulky?