Thursday, December 10, 2009

december ten

Today is Jamie's Birthday.
Happy Birthday hun!

I worked at home all morning. I watched The Answer Man (USA working title) today. I like Kat Dennings who was in Nick & Norah's and I like Lauren Graham who was Lorelai in Gilmore Girls. The movie was a little slow and just okay. Not something I'd watch again.

Then headed to sewing class just after lunch. I had a nice time in class today and my sewing teacher really liked the holiday gift that I got her. She's so cute. I'm going to miss her once class is over (one week left). I don't think I will continue on in the next session, I lucked out having a private class and I don't think there is any thing more I want to learn how to do right now. I've mastered the zipper, and know how to sew a straight line right now, so I'm pretty happy. I definitely won't be taking up anything with sewing for a living, but it's fun to know how to do, and know how to work my own machine to actually make a few things.

Today in class I made this box bag. It's freakin' tiny. Totally thought it would be larger, but it's meant for notions, not a sock project in progress. I completely altered the pattern though, and lined the pouch properly, instead of just making the inside the way it is in the pattern. It looks a lot better completely lined. I'm much happier with it that way. It's a cute little bag, and there was a bit too much hand sewing for my liking, but that's okay.

I had a clumsy day in class today though, I broke 2 sewing machine needles, one just after my teacher told me to be careful going over the zipper. Oops. And then not too much longer after that, I busted another one. Not my day! I was also having threading issues today. It just wasn't my day.

Tonight we dropped off the kids at my parents house and we headed to the Habs game. What a nice way to celebrate Jamie's birthday. Too bad we lost 3-2 to the Pittsburgh Penguins. I honestly think that we should have won this game. We had tied it up but the ref blew his whistle prematurely, and caused the entire Bell Center to boo the referee. It was nasty!! It should have counted as a goal. It was totally not fair. We could have tied up the game, sending us to overtime and possibly winning the game. Ugh! It was nice to come home tonight to no kids though! They're sleeping at my parents house tonight, and I will pick them up tomorrow morning before daycare.

With Chanukah starting tomorrow night, I saw this awesome link on my friend Rhoda's blog. Thank you for sharing. It's totally cute! I hope to find some time to make some with my boys this week! Let me know if you end up making some as well!


g-girl said...

hmm..kat dennings and lauren graham, huh? might have to check out that movie. i like them both too. wish they were in more movies especially lauren graham. so what'd you get your sewing teacher? :) the box bag you made is cute! :)

Zonda said...

Nice job on the Habs box bag! Sounds like you learned just what you needed to for now. You can always go back later for classes.

Living Inspired said...

the nursery at my kids' school makes those little hand print menorahs every year! Funny to see it here.

Oh hey, is there knitting this Wed. night at Second Cup or Starbuck's? I have "knitting" written in my agenda.

Bea said...

Your little bag is cute.

Tara said...

Just admit it, there are going to be notions bags going up in your shop soon, right? :)