Sunday, December 27, 2009

december twenty-seven :: 156 weeks old

Sean is 156 weeks old today.

It takes forever to get a picture that a) doesn't have any heads cut off, and b) Sean is actually looking. There are a lot of out takes before we get 1 good picture. This is a funny one (above) from today.

While I was out today I picked up 2 Pokeballs. My friend had been over the other day with her 2 boys and Sean was fascinated with her older son's Pokeball. He almost wouldn't give it back when it was time for them to leave. So I saw these and got them for him, I will be giving them to him for his birthday tomorrow. I really hope that it doesn't unleash a whole new world of something else in our house. I was hoping to keep Pokeman out of our house...! He already collects hockey cards, I really don't want to start collecting Pokeman cards as well. Hopefully he'll stick to just one type of cards. Sean was fascinated with the fact that when the Pokeball is thrown against the floor, it pops open. Are your kids into Pokeman? If so, how bad is their obsession or maybe it's not an issue for your household? Please share your experience with Pokeman. My friend's son, who was over the other day, his entire room is decked out in Pokeman, his halloween costume was one of the Pokeman characters, and is just completely obsessed.

Today I found the missing phone underneath the den couch when looking for something else! I totally thought Mack had thrown it out in the garbage. It's been at least 2 months since I last saw the phone. Now, if only we could find the original Sling Catcher Remote... wouldn't that be nice. However that one, I really do think he threw out.

Tonight we went to my parents house for a very belated Chanukah party.
The kids got spoiled from their cousins & great-aunt & great-uncle.
Even my mom had a few more gifts for the kids.

Since we were all together we took a family portrait. I think it's been years since we've had a group photo of all of us taken. Though, we were missing Henri, Jenn's son, who was already asleep for the night, so Jenn's holding up a paper plate that reads "Insert Henri Here" - very cute. It's nice to have the entire family get together. It's always fun times. We ordered in pizza for dinner and did a 10$ gift exchange. We all had fun.

Here is the current progress of my Mara Shawl. It's growing VERY rapidly!

I hate taking photos with flash, but I wanted to take a picture after finishing the first ball of DIC Classy, since I wanted to continue working on it after the ball was finished tonight. So above, is exactly one ball of DIC Classy. The yardage is just amazing on these skeins. I believe there is 250 yards in one skein. It's just incredible!


Bea said...

Can you just not tell him there are pokecards and just let him play with the balls?

Thats a big group at the party.

I look DIC. Your Mara looks fantastic.

g-girl said...

you know, when pokemon first came out, EVERYONE was obsessed particularly with the playing cards. I still have one of my poke balls (lol!). I'm sure if you control it, it won't get out of hand. Just don't 'overexpose' him to that stuff. I remember we actually had to ban the cards from school-that's how bad it was there.

Amelah said...

Yeah for finding missing phone!!! Good to know child did not throw it in the garbage!!

So glad I decided to take that family photo! Was over due!!

Tara said...

Nice thinking, Jenn! She cracks me up :)