Friday, December 18, 2009

december eighteen

We had some chill time this morning before I took the boys to daycare. We hung out in the playroom, which the kids love to do. There are toys everywhere you look in there. Mack has really taken to coloring lately. He loves this magnadoodle type thing.

The boys have been playing really well together lately. I love it.

This morning I gift wrapped the cookies for Sean's Christmas party to take with us to his daycare. I thought that it looked nicer presented this way. We tasted the cookies last night (I made a few extra for us to try) and they came out very yummy and chewy, so I will be making the same ones for Monday for Mack's class. They were that good. I'll probably make extra this time, for the house.

I can finally show you my secret knitting from last weekend. It was given to my mom tonight at her birthday dinner and she loved it. I still need to take a picture of her wearing it - when there is natural light out. I'll get her to come over and model it for me.

Pattern: Seaweed Cowl (My Ravelry Link)
For: My mother for her birthday (Dec 22nd)
Yarn: Cascade 220 Heathers in Blue #9457
Needle: US 8 / 5.0 mm
Size: Just Right.
Timeline: December 12 2009
Modifications: Knitted pattern as written.
Opinion: I think it's totally cute and it seems my mother likes it too! Very quick knit.

I've been working on some note cards as gifts. Since most of them have been given out and the rest don't read my blog, I can show you what I've been working on. I made some for the gift basket that I made for my kids' teachers, and for some family members. I love the way they've turned out. Such a good idea.

I worked today all afternoon and my office yet again was cold. I am going to bring in my space heater next week, I can't keep working and having my toes numb and my fingers blue. It's the entire back of the store that's cold as I think the back door is not properly insulated. Brrr! Jamie said that he would look into it - but until it's fixed I will make sure I have my space heater.

Tonight we went out for dinner for my mother & my sister's birthdays. My mom's birthday is the 22nd and my sister's birthday is tomorrow. (December is a huge birthday month in my family). We went to a restaurant we hadn't been to before. The kids' pizza was really good and my pasta (whole wheat spaghetti with a tomato clam sauce) was just alright. We all had a good time.

Upon getting home I started to organize things for the party on Sunday and once I was done doing what I had to do, Jamie & I watched some Gene Simmons : Family Jewels which we have a few episodes on our PVR. We still have a few more to go. We love that show, Gene & his family are awesome.

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Amelah said...

Oh u made the cards? I thought u bought them!! COOL! Thanks again for all the gifts!!!! Loved them! Harley lovessss the alarm clock LOL!!! xox

Living Inspired said...

you've been crafting like crazy! Great job on the cards!

TROIS OISEAUX - Kimber said...

Lovely gifts!

g-girl said...

the cowl for your mom looks great. love the color! the notecards are super cool too. :)

Bea said...

Cute cowl. The little notecards are really cute and such a great idea.

elizabeth said...

Your cowl looks great! I've been wishing I wore mine today - it is COLD out there!!!

Tara said...

Cool notecards! And the cowl turned out awesome, I can't believe you knit that in an evening! (*Sigh*...)