Sunday, November 01, 2009

november one :: 148 weeks old

Sean is 148 weeks old today.
Lately, it's been super easy to get him to pose for our weekly self-portraits.
Why? Because he loves to look at himself in the playback mode on my camera.

Today was a really chill day. Literally. All we did was chill. Except for about an hour and a bit this morning when Mack screamed his head off. We have no idea what was bothering him? Cutting a tooth? Something bothering him? He doesn't talk yet, so he couldn't tell us. He wouldn't nap, thought when I was changing his diaper he was practically falling asleep on his changing table. He wouldn't eat, even his favourites. I finally got him into our bed to nap, he had another bottle, and fell asleep. I fell asleep with him. Not shortly after, the doorbell rings. An old friend was dropping off his donation for the knit-a-thon I am doing. While chatting with my friend in the dining room, Mack awakes and starts to scream again. My friend meets both kids, and then after he leaves, Mack throws up milk. I knew he had too much milk, but that's what he wanted, and it's the only thing that quieted him beforehand. I get him all cleaned up and changed and I try again in his crib. It takes a bit and he finally falls asleep. FOR.THE.ENTIRE.AFTERNOON. I mean it. He napped from like noon until 5pm. He's never done that before. I had to wake him up for dinner.

While Mack took his long and apparently much needed nap, I watched a bit of Monsters Inc with Sean, and napped on the couch. Jamie joined us and napped as well. I think the only person who didn't nap was Sean. I couldn't get him to cuddle with me or nap. Though, he did decide to sit on me (literally sit on me while I was lying down) while I napped. I let him. I didn't care. It didn't even bother me that he was sitting on me. Sean was actually a good boy while Jamie & I napped, didn't cause any trouble at all or destroy anything while we weren't watching.

We had an early dinner, as to the kids it really felt like an hour later. We ate at 5pm instead of 6pm. We didn't have family dinner at my parents house tonight as everyone was just not feeling too hot today, so my parents canceled dinner tonight. That's fine, because I am still in yesterday's pj's (will go change not before bed though to fresh pj's) and didn't feel like getting changed. One of those days.

Tonight Jamie & I caught up on some TV watching. I worked on some knitting (that I can't show you yet) and now I'm ready for bed. I'm zonked!


Mel said...

It's funny, last year I had under 10 trick or treaters so I hardly bought any candy this year - we had so many I ran out after half an hour!!!!!

ikkinlala said...

I hope you guys are feeling better soon. It was that kind of day for us, too; I didn't actually nap, but I wasn't motivated to do anything useful.

Bea said...

Hopefully Mack isn't getting sick?

Girlknits said...

Monsters inc is such a wonderful movie to watch with kids. I even love it as an adult!

g-girl said...

maybe mack was just really, really tired. sounds like everyone was tired--excluding sean that is! where will you be doing your knit-a-thon?

Tara said...

Aw, sorry to hear Mackie was under the weather. I hope he feels better now!