Friday, November 13, 2009

november thirteen

This morning I went around picking up a few more donations for the knit-a-thon. I'm very close to reaching my goal, which I will announce shortly! It's freaking awesome that people are so generous for such a great cause. It's such a good cause too. I'm very excited for our event tomorrow night, let me tell you!

Wow, today is Friday the 13th! Are you superstitious? I am not. Never have been.

Today I worked in the office and got a lot accomplished. I couldn't believe how much I cleared out and was able to get approval for (I work with defective computer parts, and have to first try sending them back for replacement or credit from our suppliers, and if it's out of warranty with them, I then have to try the manufacturer). It feels good to get things taken care of. No one was really doing my job before I started doing it, so there was a HUGE mess in the office that I took over. Our manager was doing it when he had the time - which was rare, so we were sitting on a lot of products (equals sitting on a lot of money for goods that could be credited or exchanged or fixed). I am so happy that things are starting to be organized.

I couldn't believe how dark it was when I left work today. This picture was taken at 4:46pm. That's supposed to be early!! Not in winter! It gets so dark so early, it's rather depressing if you ask me. By the time I'd reached the first daycare pick up (Mack) it was pitch black outside.

When I picked up Sean today he got to pick from a few stuffed animals that they daycare were giving out to the kids whom have sold chocolates in their chocolate drive. He chose this cute little doggy. That was really nice of the daycare to give the children who sold chocolates a gift.

This evening, after the kids were in bed, Jamie and I watched Survivor from last night and then caught up on 2 episodes of Dexter. We've got 2 more to finish season 3, and then we can finally watch the episodes that have aired so far in season 4, maybe to catch up on time before this season ends. It's getting sooooo good, yet it's still soooo freakin' deranged. Love it. I worked on some knitting and some work on my laptop while we watched tv. So much to do - so little time. Isn't that always the case?

Going to go up to bed to read. Sean's got swimming tomorrow morning, and I need a good night's rest or I can't get up on time to take him! Being in the water itself is very tiring. (Still trying to figure that one out). I always want to take a nap after the swim class!

If you haven't donated yet to my knit-a-thon - please do. The info is here and you can donate here. There are prizes to be won if you donate!! You have until tomorrow morning (NOON EST) November 14th, 2009 to donate. I will be picking winners from those whom have donated (every 10$ donation gets you 1 entry to the draw) just before I leave to the knit-a-thon! It's for a good cause (Breast Cancer Research) and for Canadians, any donation above 10$ gets you a tax receipt. Thanks! Please go donate now!!



Lain said...

I cannot BELIEVE how big he is! He's gorgeous!

dawn said...

It really is sad that it gets dark so early. Sean looks super happy to have that stuffed prize.

Kimber said...

I know what you mean it feels like 9:00 pm at 5:00!

I love Dexter too! We are finally caught up in Season 4. Ah Dex....

Bea said...

It gets dark at around 530 or 545 here. I'm an hour behind you and I guess that extra hour past 445 comes from being so much farther South. Soon it will be dark more around 5. It will probably stay that way all winter. (um...I mean it won't get darker earlier then that.)

g-girl said...

i think it's been getting dark around that same time over here too. weird! i don't like it either. that was nice that the kids got to pick out stuffed animals in exchange for the candy they sold. :)

Tara said...

I know what you mean, it kills me when I get out of the metro and it's pitch black outside. But on the upside, I find the kids are going to bed earlier, 'cause it's Nighttime! lol

Amelah said...

I heard that Friday the 13th is supposed to be GOOD LUCK for Jews. Don't know if that is true or not!

I find winter depressing. U get up, its dark. U leave work and its dark. Time changes should be opposite!

Glad Sean got SOMETHING for all those chocolate bars we sold!!!!