Wednesday, November 11, 2009

november eleven :: 73 weeks old

Mack is 73 weeks old today.

As promised, here is my attempt from last night to spin some fiber onto a stick. I think this is how they used to do it ages ago before spindles came to be, but my attempt here was actually not too shabby!!! The thickness was all consistent, while not perfect, its not bad. Though, to be honest, I don't think I'll be taking on spinning as a new hobby. I barely get to knit as it is, my knitting time is very precious.

Sean had a professional day today, so we got to spend the day together.

Our first stop was for a haircut.

As you can see Sean was in dire need of a haircut!

He got a lovely haircut indeed and he was a really good boy while getting it. Our next stop was for lunch. A friend of mine owns a fast food joint (as part of a Quebec Chain) and asked me to stop by to pick up a donation for the knit-a-thon, so he treated us to lunch. Sean was super happy as I'd promised him a hotdog for lunch. He was being a good boy, so he definitely deserved the treat. It was really nice to see my friend.

The next stop was to Kate's house.
Sean was in a silly mood which was fun.

I finally got to meet Kate's newest edition.
She's just too adorable.

It was so nice to catch up with Kate.
Good conversation, tasty tea, it was nice.

On the way home, Sean took a much needed nap in the car.
I am so happy that he was able to get some shut eye for a bit.

Tonight for dinner Mack ate all his portions and was still hungry. Sean as well... so since I was making Sean peanut butter and jelly on toast, I made some toast with just peanut butter on it for Mack, for the very first time. He'd never had peanut butter before. I can't remember when was the exact age that Sean tried peanut butter, but I knew it was sometime after he turned one and sometime before he turned two. I figured tonight was the night. And honestly, I wasn't worried about him reacting. If there would be a reaction, it's usually after the second or third time a child eats something. Usually not the first. So I've heard and read. Anyhow, he absolutely LOVED the peanut butter.

Tonight Jamie made a stop on his way home from work, to as private release for hockey cards (his hobby. Mine's knitting, his is hockey cards). He picked up some packs for us to open tonight, which I will get to in a minute. Once he got home, I headed out the door.

First I went to go pick up a few donations in my area. I told anyone who was willing to donate that I would go to them to pick it up. Last stop was to my friend Dara's house. She was having a jewelry party. Only a few of us showed up, but we all had a good time nonetheless. We chatted, I ordered 2 pairs of earrings, and had a good time. I am really glad that I got out of the house for a little bit tonight as well. (I cannot find the earrings I ordered online, so you'll have to wait until I get them in the mail... which should be soon, so that I can show you).

When I got home, Jamie & I opened some packets of hockey cards. We enjoy doing it together, and it's something that he enjoys that I can share too with him. I really like that. I find it fun to pull a hockey card that might actually be worth something. It's fun!


Oh and please please please, if you haven't donated yet to my knit-a-thon - please do. The info is here and you can donate here. There are prizes to be won if you donate!! You have until Saturday morning November 14th, 2009 to donate. I will be picking winners from those whom have donated (every 10$ donation gets you 1 entry to the draw) just before I leave to the knit-a-thon! It's for a good cause (Breast Cancer Research) and for Canadians, any donation above 10$ gets you a tax receipt. Thanks! Please go donate now!!



g-girl said...

well it looks to me that you did a pretty good job spinning fiber onto a stick! sean looks so grown up with his new haircut. :) oh i agree, kate's little one is adorable! :) yay for mack loving peanut butter!

kate-the-enabler said...

She had a lovely time meeting you and Sean (who was, incidentally, positively angelic...) - thank you for such a nice visit :) - wishing you very good luck for the knit-a-thon - really can't wait to see pics and hear all about it.
(stink - I'm on my not-home computer and can't seem to get my blogger id up...but it's me!!)

Bea said...

Nice haircut. He really did need one. Chris and I used to open baseball cards together. I only sort of got it. It was mostly fun because he enjoyed it. As with most other things he picks up, he's long since moved on and the things are in boxes in the attic with little prospect of becoming valuable.

Tara said...

Wow, quite the contrast between pre- and post-haircut Sean, eh? lol