Wednesday, November 04, 2009

november four :: 72 weeks old

Mackenzie is 72 Weeks old today.

I got some yummy mail yesterday that I forgot to show. I got the Fiddlehead Mitten Kit. (I linked a sold one, but she does have them for sale in the shop). It's enough yarn to make the Fiddlehead Mittens (Non-Ravelry Link). I've been dying to for the longest time, and just never wanted to buy full skeins to make them to have a ton of yarn leftover. Well, since I just LOVE Tanis' yarn, I purchased her kit. And since I was too lazy to go pick it up from her, I just had her ship it to me, and it arrived in yesterday's mail. I forgot about it, and it wasn't even opened up until today. I am in love with her Jewel Tone kit - which is the one I got. (She hast them in different 'tones'). This is me suporting local! (150%)! I have a ton of deadlines I'm finishing up - so I will definitely be casting these on after those deadlines are done.

And I definitely should not be casting on for Mara, but I so want to. However, I still don't know what yarn to use. I emailed my friends at the LYS where I bought the other yarn to see if they maybe had another skein of the purple, or even the teal that I bought from them (though the teal I'd need another 2 skeins since I only bought 2 at the time, and I would need 4)... and still haven't heard back from them - probably only tomorrow. The other 2 in mind are:

Dream in Color Classy Happy Forest

or Dream in Color Classy Gothic Rose.

I wound these skeins today while Mack napped, but Sean was awake. (Sean at home does NOT nap anymore. They can get him to nap at daycare, but I cannot get him to nap at home, not one bit. I even tried lying down with him today and he told me no - I totally would have taken a nap with him!) Anyhow, I had to fight Sean off from wanting to use my ball winder (he's obsessed) and wind these cakes. Though... I'm not sure I want to make it with this yarn even... I'm still drawn to the other yarn I want to use. And I've already checked on Ravelry - no one else has it stashed that I could ask to sell me some. I'm hoping for an answer. I bought it from Ariadne, so I emailed them to see if any more is in existance. It's their "house" yarn - dyed by them. Crossing my fingers.

I had a long-ish day with the two of them home. My mom went this morning to pick up the extra Nunu that Sean brought with him to daycare yesterday, as I wanted to wash it, and his teachers told my mom that Sean is not allowed back to school without a doctor's note. Uhm, that's nice. They tell my mother this - but not me when I called this morning to ask where the Nunu was? (For those of you wondering, this is Nunu. There are actually 3 of them in existence in this house). Anyhow, so now I need to figure out how to get a doctor's note for Sean, since our family doctor is on maternity leave until next fall. I am not going to the clinic where all the people are actually sick, so that I can bring home even more germs. I am waiting to see if I can see my dad's friend who is a doctor tomorrow night, so I'm crossing my fingers. I can't believe that Sean needs a doctor's note to go back to daycare. I've never heard of this before. It's not as if he had the flu and they want to make sure it's not H1N1 and whatnot - but I guess they want to make sure that he doesn't have the eye infection anymore. I understand, but can't believe it is more like it. You know?

I had knit night tonight and it was a small little group. I worked on some test knitting and made some progress. The food was good, as was the conversation. The service on the other hand sucked - but not for me. It seems we can't get good service, decently priced food and good lighting anywhere in our area. I keep joking that we need to open up a knit café. If only I won the lottery...! I would.

I'm keeping the kids home tomorrow again, but at least I have a 3 hour window to get out of the house, I have my sewing class. I've managed to secure my mother for babysitting duties as my Step-MIL has to work and my MIL has a doctor's appointment so I begged my mother to do it. How can she say no? My kids love spending time with her - as she does with them.


dawn said...

That's silly that they are asking for a dr's note if they never have before. Love the mitten kit...jewel tones are my favorite.

woolanthropy said...

your fiddlehead mitten kit looks amazing. They will be beautiful. Fingers still crossed for your purple yarn. But really it will look amazing in the DIC too.

Bea said...

Crazy that they need a doctors note. Maybe they figure you have to get medicine for the eye infections so you must be taking them to a clinic? I understand that kids in one of the school districts near me have to have a doctor note for any sickness if they miss school. That seems crazy because you don't take your kid to the doctor because they have a cold but you don't necessarily make them go to school?

I think your fiddleheads are going to be awesome. I do hope that you manage to get the fourth skein for Mara too.

Jenny said...

Chloe is starting to wind out of her naps too. I can occasionally get her to take one, but not too often. even though I would love one!

Big Girl Feet said...

Oooh lovely mitten kit!! What nice colours!!

Balkan Style Bloggers said...

I love the Happy Forest colourway!! Both colours would make a beautiful Mara regardless. :)

g-girl said...

what a hassle to have to get a doctor's note! i get the why part but i know it's a pain. will you choose which yarn to use?? i can't even help!

Tara said...

Ooh! Tanis mitten kit!!! I've had my eye on those since whe came out with them. SO jealous!