Wednesday, November 25, 2009

november twenty-five :: 75 weeks old

Mack is 75 Weeks Old Today.

Today after dropping the kids off at daycare I headed into work. I had to go in today. I am definitely feeling a lot better today than I was yesterday. Staying in yesterday definitely was a good decision. Though, when I got to work I realized the heating wasn't working. The heat guy was called and he came pretty quickly but I still had to be there as I had too much work to do and at one point my fingers were blue from being too cold. Not so good when you have just gotten over a cold, and you're not 100% back to health yet. I did get a lot of things accomplished as I really had to get it done. I missed work on Friday as I was home with Mack who wasn't feeling well and I missed yesterday because I wasn't feeling well either.

Tonight we had knit(crochet) night. Madeleine brought along a surprise visitor, her granddaughter Andrea, who is super nice. I really had a good time tonight and it was good for me to get out of the house. I really love the yarn that Madeleine is using - the self-stripping is gorgeous. It's the skein that Madeleine won at the knit-a-thon during our raffle. I have to inquire about getting some for myself. I just love it.

Eugenie tonight was working on embroidering a cowl she made for one of her kid's teachers for Xmas. I was intrigued at what she was doing and want to learn how to do that as well. It's so pretty. I've seen some other stuff that Eugenie has embroidered and just love it.

Tonight I worked on Jordyn's Blanket. Chugging along on it. Hoping to get it done on time... it's what I'll be working on all weekend long.

I've been searching to replace my Canon SD1100 that is finished. I've saved the battery (hoping it's still fine) and the memory card still works (I have successfully downloaded what was on there and it works in my Nikon D60). I really am feeling lost without a pocket camera, and the SD1100 is no longer the current model. I'm looking into what else is out there, but I don't want to start buying new memory cards, etc, so I am looking to see what else takes the SD card, and has very similar features to the camera I had. I'll let you know what I decide to do - because I also have a monetary budget to the replacement. However, I do want to replace it. I'll keep you posted.

Off to go hop into bed and read a bit more in the book I'm reading - Julie & Julia.


g-girl said...

oh my goodness-this pic of you and mack is SO adorable. definitely frame worthy. i love it! good luck with finding a suitable replacement for your pocket camera!

Firefly said...

Love the new header!

Bea said...

Hope you find a good camera. My "pocket" one is a Canon G9. I love it. I use an SD card. I can't honestly say I know what they cost though. Chris has discounts and whatnot.

Tara said...

Trying to get caught up today! I agree, Madeleine's yarn is really cool. What is it, finally?