Saturday, November 28, 2009

november twenty-eight :: 35 months old

Sean is 35 months old today.

After his morning swim class I took him to do some groceries. This time we checked out the blue car that they had at the grocery store. I love that the grocery store has these cars. Definitely keeps Sean entertained and in the cart!

While out this morning running errands I picked him up this huge dreidle. He loves it. I'm trying to teach him how to spin it. I'm going to get him to practice every day until Chanukah (which starts early this year, on Friday night, December 11th, 2009.

He's getting good!

This morning while we were out, I picked up at the local market some muffins for us and we sat down at the food court and had some time together. I took that time to talk to Sean about how proud we (Jamie & I) have been on his outstandingly good behavior at school and at home. He's gotten really mature over the last few weeks and I wanted to take the opportunity to make sure he understood that it wasn't going unnoticed.

This evening Jamie & I took the kids to my parents house to sleep over and we headed out to the Habs game. Finally a date night - it's been a while!

I worked on my Go Habs Go socks. Information below.

Pattern: Step-by-Step Cheat Sheet for Socks by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee
My Ravelry Project.
For: Me (my lucky socks!)
Yarn: Biscotte & Cie Pepper
Hook: 2.75mm / US2
Size: 8 Women's
Timeline: November 24, 2008 - November 28th, 2009


Cast on sock at the Habs game, November 24th, 2008 against the New York Islanders. Unfortunately we lost in a shootout - 4-3.

Continued second session at Habs game, Saturday night, December 13th, 2008. Unfortunately we lost to the Washington Capitols, 2-1. (Half our team is out “sick/injured”).

Third sesion was Feb 1st, 2009: They played the Boston Bruins. Unfortunately we lost 3-1.

Fourth session was Feb 3rd, 2009: We won against the Pittsburgh Penguins, 4 to 2.

Fifth session was March 14th, 2009 game vs. Devils (they won 3-1).

Sixth session was April 6th, 2009 game vs. the Ottawa Senators (they won 3-2)

Seventh Session was October 24th, 2009 game vs. the New York Rangers.
We won 5-4 in overtime.

Eighth & Last session knit at the November 28th, 2009 game against the Washington Capitols. We lost 4-3 in a shootout.
I finished the socks in regulation game time though with 8:41 seconds left in the 3rd period!

Took exactly 8 games in 1 year to finish.

Modifications: Standard Stockinette Stitch Socks. Only working on these at Habs games. No where else. 15 rows of 2x2 ribbing after long tail cast on.
Hope they help the Habs win games!

Only the Habs could lose in the last FIFTEEN (15) seconds of the game. It was so bad. And of course, Ovechkin was on the ice. We played the Washing Capitols, as menioned above. In the last 15 seconds, we lost the face-off and they tied the game 3-3. That brought us to overtime. No one score in overtime. We went to a shootout. We lost in the shootout 4-3.

Regardless, of the shootout and the first period, it was a really good game and Jamie & I had a lot of fun. It was also nice to come home tonight to a quiet & empty house (rare!)

We just finished watching the last 2 episodes of Dexter and we're all caught up for tomorrow night's episode. (Though Jamie has hockey tomorrow night, so I won't be able to watch tomorrow night's episode for a few days). Wow, I can't wait to see what happens next though, that's for sure.


g-girl said...

sean is just going to continue to become more and more mature! it sort of happened overnight with my niece! oh wow! you got to finish your go habs go socks! that's awesome.

dawn said...

Date night looks like fun! My boys love he car carts at the grocery store too.

Bea said...

Cute socks! I think it definitely was a good idea to tell Sean how proud of him you are and to have some one on one time.

Tara said...

I know I've told you this but: I WAS AT THAT GAME, DUDE! It was heartbreaking, I agree. Nice socks though!