Thursday, November 05, 2009

november five

Today the boys were home again all day. I honestly cannot wait for them to go back to daycare. I love them to pieces, but daycare does both of us good. This morning I became the Queen of wrestling an almost 17 month old and singlehandedly giving him his eye drops in both eyes while keeping swinging arms still. I rule.

This afternoon I got salvation for a couple of hours as I had my sewing class from 1-4pm. My mother came to watch the boys while I was out. I am glad that she was able to, because for a while, I almost had no babysitter, and I really didn't want to cancel. I made great progress on the patchwork bag I'm working on, and I can't wait to be finished it. (The next project will be pajamas for the boys).

When Jamie got home from work we loaded the boys in the car and headed to the doctor. We didn't see our family doctor as she's on maternity leave, but a family friend. He cleared Sean from being sick and gave me a doctor's note for him to return back to school on Monday (I'm keeping him home tomorrow as there is no point in sending him for a half day as he's leaving with Jamie tomorrow, I'll explain that in a minute). Mack on the other hand still has conjunctivitis, and is still contagious. The eye drops both boys have been on, should have worked for Mack like they've been working for Sean, but it didn't so he wrote me a script for another type of eye drops, and I will start those tomorrow.

So because Mack is still contagious, we decided that I will stay home this weekend with Mack and Jamie will take Sean to his sister's place (which is 3.5 hours away) for our nephew's 7th birthday party. They'll leave tomorrow afternoon and get home Sunday. Very upsetting that I have to miss my nephew's birthday - but there is nothing I can do about it.

Tonight after we put the kids to bed way later than they should have gone, Jamie & I watched a bit of the Habs game (we won!) and then we watched Big Bang Theory from this week. I worked on finishing up a test knit and got it finished. I am so happy it gone done. I was a bit behind on things this month, but I'm caught up now. I will photograph this project and show it to you this weekend. Promise. Since this is done now, I can get back to regular scheduled programming. Feels good! I think I'm going to go pull out a book and read. It's been forever since I've done that. I'm in the mood for a really good book. Any suggestions?


Balkan Style Bloggers said...

I reading Julie & Julia right now! It's very good. It makes me very hungry reading about all the recipes. :)

g-girl said...

oh no, that sucks you had to miss your nephew's birthday party! you didn't get to see his face when he saw the cool socks you made for him. books? gosh, i've just finished a ton..alphabet weekends by elizabeth noble (chick lit and SO cute!), juliet, naked by nick hornby was..okay, songs without words by ann packer..and i just started a good one firefly lane. i wanna read julie and julia too!

Tara said...

I wandered around a huge fabric store this weekend, looking for plastic canvas. It definitely made me see the appeal of sewing!

Bea said...

I hope Mack's eyes get better soon :(

Amelah said...

Sucks that u cant go, after all that knitting for him!! U dont get to see his reation :( i am sure he will love it tho!

Hope the little one feels better!!!