Monday, November 23, 2009

november twenty-three

This is the lovely button necklace I picked up yesterday at the Christmas Fair. I love it. I picked it up in Black and Red so that it would match more things (except for the pink shirt I happened to be wearing in this photo - ha ha!) I love the necklace, though it was a little pricey. It was handmade by a local chick Ada-jito, and I love supporting/buying local.

As promised here is an updated photo of the blanket for Jordyn. I have a week left to finish it - her birthday is December 1st, and my (ex) Aunt asked me to have it done before her birthday so she can give it to her then. I am hoping to have it done by the weekend (we'll see if I can get that done!)

Today I kept Mack home from school because he didn't keep down his milk again this morning. It seems to be only a morning thing. It's very weird. Jamie also wasn't feeling 100% this morning (he thinks he might have the same eye infection that the kids had 2 weeks ago). So he stayed home and worked from home today. This morning I took Mack with me to run an errand (I picked up the gift for Jamie's birthday that he will get from the kids (some clothing, nothing exciting, LOL)) and when I put Mack down for his nap this afternoon, I went over for a bit to my friend Dara's house to watch an episode of Oprah that my PVR didn't record properly that I wanted to watch. I worked on Jordyn's Blanket while she did some work on her computer. It was nice to go over for a bit and just hang out, without any of my kids (though her son, Mack's best friend was there).

This evening the boys played some hockey in the basement before bedtime. Mack seems to have kept down everything else he's had to eat/drink today. Tomorrow morning I will try giving him half his milk and then let him rest and then the rest of it, if he still wants it. I did call the doctor's office and there isn't any doctors right now to see him since there is a conference going on. I spoke to Jamie's cousin who works there, and she told me that she has actually heard of babies having upset stomachs due to teething. Now I know Mack's still cutting those 2 teeth from last week - (fun times the crankiness!) but really? Has your child ever vomitted during teething and not been sick with any other symptom??

Tonight Jamie & I hung out and watched Heroes & Big Bang Theory. I worked again on Jordyn's Blanket... as I said, I want it done for December 1st (rather before then!) I can do it!!

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Anonymous said...

Nice blanket. I like it with the white stripes.

Lindsay said...

Nice blanket. I like it with the white stripes.


dawn said...

My youngest has done that although I'm not sure it was totally due to teething. It's so hard to tell when they are little.

g-girl said...

the necklace is cute! jordyn's blanket is coming along nicely! I'm sure you'll have it done by the first! :)

Bea said...

Jordyn's blanket is awesome. Love the little white stripes. I think the necklace looks nice with the pink shirt actually.

Amelah said...

I really like the added white in Jordyn's blanket!

Looking good!

Love the pic of the boys playing Hockey together! So cute! Can't wait for the Winter to see Sean on the ice!

Tara said...

I think they get upset stomachs when they're teething from all the drooling that goes along with teething. They swallow a lot of saliva during the process, you know.