Tuesday, November 24, 2009

november twenty-four

Today I was the one who was sick. I guess it was my turn. After spending the last month or so taking care of my family, maybe it was long overdue that I get sick. What I thought was just my sinuses bugging me yesterday is now a full blown cold. Runny nose, can't breathe through my nose, you know, the works. I've been taking Tylenol Cold Daytime today and tonight before bed I will take the Nighttime version.

I did take the kids to daycare today. I first took Mack today as I brought Sean near 10 am, which was my scheduled appointment time for his Parent/Teacher interview. His daycare does this every 6 months or so. Once in the fall and once in late spring just before the kids would change over to the next class if they are one of the older kids in the class (like Sean is because of his birthday - here it doesn't go by the year you were born, it goes from October 1st to September 30th... so Sean will start Kindergarten when he's 5 turning 6 that December, and he'll be one of the oldest kids in his class).

Sean's interview went very well. His teacher is quite impressed with him. She said that he's a sponge and he's retaining almost all of what they say. She also said that Sean is the only kid in the class who will ask questions about things and uses complete full sentences. She showed me that he tried to copy some shapes that the teacher made, and I was quite impressed. They were also quite impressed last week that Sean could spell STOP. (He also knows BUS). Right now at home we're working on his name (how to spell, not how to write). She told me that Sean was excellent at clean up time and he's usually the first one there to help (why doesn't he do this at home???) We talked about the potty (and where he's at with that), and a few other things. We went over a bunch of things that they go over with the parents, but I am really happy with the progress Sean is making. They also said that lately, he's just been an angel. The hitting has stopped, and he's no longer crying in the morning. He keeps them laughing all day long. I'm glad. This makes me happy. They also mentioned that naptime that they will take Nunu away and tell him that if he's good they'll put Nunu back next to him while he's sleeping and it'll be there when he wakes up. I had no idea that they were doing this, but they said that with 11 boys out of 16 kids in the class, they have to gain some control over the silliness at naptime. Threatening with Nunu at home would never fly over, but I suppose I could try.

After getting home from Sean's interview I did do a little bit of work (life must go on even when you're sick) but I was just making stitch markers, so I had fun doing them - so it wasn't as if it were hard work that I shouldn't be doing because I'm sick. Don't worry, I sanitized my hands before making them. I caught up on some tv shows from this past week - and also watched the movie My Life in Ruins (which I do NOT recommend). The best laugh in the movie, retarded, I know, was that one of the main actor's name is Poupi Kakas and his nephew is Doudi Kakas. That's the kind of laugh they were going for. Now I wish I had my hour and a half back.

My mom was kind enough to pick up both boys from daycare today, as I just felt horrible. I don't know what I would do without her. I love my mom.

Tonight Jamie had 2 friends over, and Sean watched a bit of the Habs game with them. He was so cute trying to crack open peanuts, that Jamie called me over and asked me to take some photos. He was so concentrated, it was too cute.

Sean's wearing his Team Canada jersey here. Sean's obsessed with sports and wanted to sleep in it tonight. I swear, he'd bathe in his jersey too if he could. I can't believe he's actually fitting into this jersey now. I got them a long time ago when he wasn't even 5 months old yet, on liquidation, so I got him the Team Canada one, a red Habs Jersey and a white Habs Jersey.

I hope I feel better tomorrow. I just want to re-gain use of my nose again. That would be nice.


g-girl said...

oh no..sorry to hear that now it was your turn to be sick! :P that is so awesome that you had such a great parent/teacher interview with sean's teacher!! i'm sure you're a proud mama. :)

Bea said...

Sorry you have the cold now. Hopefully it will get better fast with the meds.

Kindergarten works the same here. If you aren't 5 by September 1st (I think, maybe it is the 30th?) you don't go until the next year. So a child with an October 1st birthday will basically start at 6. Unless their parents work very hard to prove they can handle being in the classes "early". My parents opted not to do this for my brother so he and I ended up in a lot of classes together in school. Sounds like Sean is doing wonderfully well. Congrats to both of you for that!

Tara said...

Sounds like the terrible twos will soon be behind you, my dear! Enjoy it!