Tuesday, November 03, 2009

november three

This is Mack last night when I went to go pick up Sean from daycare. He looks horrible. It breaks my heart even seeing a picture of him like this.

And this is him today. Still got the eye infection, but the swelling has gone down. He's my future drummer in a rock 'n' roll band!

Does he look sick to you here?

Brothers conspiring.

And them jumping on my badly-needs-replacing-couch tonight. I've caught Sean in mid-air jump here, and Mack about to jump. The little monkey devils. They really don't look sick. (But they are). Sean actually got sent home today from daycare right after nap. He woke up with 100 fever and the same eye infection that Mack has.

Sean didn't sleep through the night last night. He woke up every hour. I'm beat today. And I wanted to nap today. I really did. By the time I got home from running some morning errands (including some very needed groceries) after dropping off Sean at daycare, fed Mack lunch and put him down for a nap, threw in some laundry from the washer to the dryer, put in another load, had Eugenie visit me for a bit, and then Sean came home. Nap time for me? Non-existent. I did have complete intentions of having a nap today as well.

This evening I made pizza for dinner, and by the time the kids were in bed, Jamie left for his hockey game, and I've been doing some work in my office all evening. Jamie just got in with some chicken soup for me, as I just took my temperature and I now have 99.9 fever. Chicken soup makes it all better. I am hoping to feel better tomorrow, because I've got 2 munchkins to take care of at home tomorrow, who aren't going to daycare. If I'm sick, who is going to take care me while I take care of them?

Someone left the 8121st comment on my blog tonight!
Girlknits said...

Monsters inc is such a wonderful movie to watch with kids. I even love it as an adult!

Congrats Girlknits! Email me your info (my email address is in my profile) and I'll get your prize out to you asap! (Well as soon as the sick kids let me out of the house to go to the post office that is!)

Pray for some sanity in my day tomorrow for me (and some knitting time?) I certainly will need it.

Oh and please please please, if you haven't donated yet to my knit-a-thon - please do. The info is here and you can donate here. There are prizes to be won if you donate!!


Bea said...

Wow. They don't look sick. I hope you are all better soon!

Girlknits said...

Hey! That's me! I will get you my info shortly! That's awesome news~

carolynswafford said...

Poor guy! I hope you are keeping that area under his nose slathered with vaseline as much as you can. And I hope YOU feel better, too!!! I can relate to your situation - hang in there! Someday they'll be old enough to take care of themselves and you won't be running from here to there all the time!

Kerry said...

Poor little Mack!!! I can see why that would break your heart! I hope the boys are both doing better today. Amazing how they can keep going even when they're sick, isn't it?

ikkinlala said...

Feel better soon!

Amelah said...

Two little monkeys jumping on the bed...LOL :) Or rather couch in this case!!!!! Poor Mackie in that first picture!!!!

Hope they both feel better soon! xox

U 2 ! Get some rest!

g-girl said...

oh no..you've got it too?? glad jamie brought you home some chicken soup. :)hope you feel better soon.

Tara said...

Hah! My kids are the same way when they're sick, they just want to play and spaz out and all I can think is "Why did I keep you home today???".