Monday, November 16, 2009

november sixteen

Today I was stuck home waiting for a delivery. I didn't want to miss it because I knew it was coming and I didn't want to have to go into the city to pick it up had I missed it. I had plans in the late morning to go over to my friend's house to watch an episode of Oprah that my PVR goofed on taping. I totally thought the delivery would come early morning, because that's usually when the truck passes by my house. Well, not today. Of course, right? I was stuck home ALL day waiting for the delivery, and it came at 10 to 5pm. I totally could have gone over to my friends house, and had time to kill afterwards even! I was so mad. I also got some really good mail today. A book ordered I placed recently arrived, as well as a gift that someone on Ravelry sent me:

I got some more colored goldfish crackers for the boys (they don't sell the colored ones in Canada) as well as some Irish Spring Sport (soap bars) that are discontinued (Jamie's fave soap that he's upset has been discontinued), a little toy care for Sean, some tea for me and a beautiful necklace for me as well. If any of my American friends see Irish Spring Sport (has to be the Sport Scent) on shelves at any pharmacy/grocery store/Walmart etc... please let me know!! I will send you paypal if you get some for me!! If I would have known it was discontinued, I would have stocked up before it went off shelves, you know??

My fave part of the gift I received in the mail was the bookmark that Gloria made for me. It's gorgeous!! It's the Fan Bookmark pattern. I am now on the hunt for the crochet cotton to make some. I am going to go sometime this week to pick some up - because I love love love this idea. I think I want to see if I have some time to make each of Sean's and each of Mack's teacher one to add to their Christmas gifts. They're just great. I've actually had the pattern in my queue since August 1st, 2008. And I actually needed a bookmark! I’ve been using one of Sean’s hockey cards as a book mark and he keeps trying to take the card back!

I did get a lot of work done today while waiting for the delivery so that was actually a good thing. Can't complain about checking things off my to-do list. There are a couple of good movies coming out this week, I'm very excited. The 2 that I want to see most (not sure if both come out tomorrow but they are...) My Sister's Keeper & The Ugly Truth. I have plans to watch both this week. Also out or coming out my hubby wants me to watch Star Trek with him. The only reason why I will is because I like the actor who plays Sylar on Heroes and he's in the movie. Whatever, if it's not any good I can just work on some knitting or crochet anyhow.

This evening I went with my dad & brother to visit my grandfather in the hospital. It's his 83rd birthday today. He looks a lot better, though he's still got another 2 weeks of bedrest before they'll let him out of bed. He definitely looks annoyed to be stuck in bed, but it's for the best. I gave him the card that both Mackenzie and Sean colored for him. He really liked it, which I'm glad.

After I got home, Jamie and I watched some TV while I worked on Jordyn's Blanket. Monday night's we watch Heroes, Big Bang Theory together. (I watch House and other stuff, but we only had time to watch Heroes & Big Bang tonight) as I got in a bit later than I was expecting to from the hospital.

I got a few more checks in the mail today for the knit-a-thon, and our deadline is this Friday, so by the end of the week we'll have the final total. I am really proud of our group and we did an amazing job raising money for Breast Cancer Research. My entire group deserves a pat on the back. A job well done. I cannot wait to tell you what our final total is once I have it.


Zonda said...

Grr I hate when you have to wait around like that for a delivery. Nice package though. I'll look too and let you know :)

Bea said...

Excellent package. I'll keep my eye out for the Irish Spring Sport.

Tara said...

What did you think of Star Trek? I LOVED it!