Monday, November 09, 2009

november nine

This morning I was relieved that Sean and Mack both went to daycare. Having them home last week was nice as I got to spend time with them, but since they were both sick, and stuck in the house, it gave us all cabin fever and made the boys extremely restless. I was so happy that we all are back to our regular scheduling routine this week.

This morning I plopped myself on the couch and watched some episodes of Law & Order and worked on my test knit. I have gotten pretty far along in the knitting, I am quite pleased with it as well, and I am loving the yarn as well as the colorway.

I think I've made a decision about the Mara Shawl that I want to cast on. I've decided it'll be in the Happy Forest colorway in Dream in Color Classy since I cannot get anymore of the Projekt B in the colorway that I originally wanted to make it in, and I don't want to chance running out of yarn, since I am missing 80 yards with the yarn that I do have, and I don't feel like doing the calculations to modify the pattern, since technically it is adjustable, I would like to just follow the pattern and knit without having to think - mindless tv knitting.

This afternoon after a friend visited for a few minutes to drop off her donation for my knit-a-thon this weekend, I wasn't feeling too well, so I had Jamie take me to the doctor. I felt weak and couldn't drive myself. After spending 5 hours total and 3 hours waiting for results, I am fine, I will be okay and my kids got to spend dinner time with my parents, which was nice because my mom is leaving tomorrow to Florida to help her mother settle there for the winter. So she got to see the boys before leaving for the week, which she was happy about. I am so happy that I had my test knit in progress in my purse, though I only got to work on a few rows as I couldn't really concentrate on knitting. Jamie was a little upset that his ipod touch didn't have a single game on it, as the time sitting there waiting for my bloodwork to come back seemed to take forever. Each minute felt like an hour and the chairs weren't exactly comfortable. I am feeling better now. That's the most important part.

This evening after putting the kids to bed we hung out and watched Heroes and I worked more on my test knit, and then we headed upstairs. We layed down on the floor in the bedroom and did a wordsearch together from the Montreal Gazette. We'd never done this before, and it was kind of nice. We had a lot of fun and when we were done and we figured out what the 11 digit word was, we turned to each other and were like "this was nice, we should do it again sometime soon"... Have you ever worked on a wordsearch with your loved one? It's fun! You should try it sometime!

Oh and please please please, if you haven't donated yet to my knit-a-thon - please do. The info is here and you can donate here. There are prizes to be won if you donate!! You have until Saturday morning November 14th, 2009 to donate. I will be picking winners from those whom have donated (every 10$ donation gets you 1 entry to the draw) just before I leave to the knit-a-thon! It's for a good cause (Breast Cancer Research) and for Canadians, any donation above 10$ gets you a tax receipt. Thanks! Please go donate now!!


woolanthropy said...

Glad you are feeling better.

I just donated to your knit-a-thon. Three years ago I did a yoga-thon (Habitat for Humanity) and did yoga for 24 hours. It was an awesome experience. Can't wait to hear about your knit-a-thon experience.

g-girl said...

sorry to hear you weren't feeling too well but i'm glad to hear that you're better now. i'm also glad that you've made a decision on which yarn to use for your mara shawl! i suppose that's why some couples do word searches or crossword puzzles together-it's nice. :)

Bea said...

Glad you are feeling better. The word search sounds fun.

Tara said...

The wordsearch really DOES sound like fun! I'll have to try that.