Monday, November 02, 2009

november two

I kept Mack home from daycare today. It seems he has an eye infection again in both his eyes. He's back on the same eye drops he was taking not too long ago, maybe it was last month when both boys had the infection last - or maybe it was in September? Poor guy.

Today, while I was in the kitchen preparing lunch, Mack got up on the couch, removed his socks, covered himself with the blanket and fell asleep. It was too cute.

I've never seen him do anything like this before. I had to snap some photos and email them to Jamie at work. He got a nice mid-afternoon smile from this, so that makes me happy.

Tonight, Sean said he had a headache. Huh? For real? An almost 3 year old knows what a headache is? He asked Jamie to play cars with him, so Jamie started to play with the cars on our "car mat" in our playroom and when Jamie asked him if he (Sean) was going to join him, Sean replied "No Daddy, I have a headache". Wow. That is totally impressive.

I'm keeping Mack again at home tomorrow. Sean will go to daycare, he seems just fine. I'm praying he doesn't catch anything at daycare that he brings into this house. Damn daycare, I swear. I just really need Mack to be healthy enough to go to daycare by Thursday, so I don't have to miss my class. If not, I am going to see if I can get my mother to come watch him for a few hours if she can. I need them to also be healthy before the weekend, it's my nephew's 7th birthday party. We've been looking forward to that for quite the while.

I didn't get much done at all today being confined to the house with Mack who was cranky because he wasn't feeling well. He didn't eat a stitch of food today at all, but did drink all his milk. I understand that he's not feeling well - but I would have liked him to having something to eat. Even if it was just toast. Nothing. I am hoping he's feeling better tomorrow and his puffy eyes go away. They're completely swollen. They look like he has black eyes but no bruises. I really hope he heels fast. I hate seeing him (or any of my boys) like this. You can't see the puffy eyes in the pictures above, because they only started after his nap today. (He napped a good 3 hours after "falling asleep" on the couch.

This evening Jamie & I watched Heroes and then caught up on another episode of Dexter. We're halfway done Season 3, and looking forward to maybe catching up before Season 4 ends on TV, which it's currently on now. I worked on some knitting and made a lot of progress. I cannot show you that now, but will VERY shortly! Speaking of knitting, I do want to cast on another project (though I know I shouldn't). I want to make the Mara Shawl. My dilemma is that it calls for 675 yards and the yarn I want to use I only have 595 yards. 80 yards short. The pattern is adjustable, but I'm not sure I feel like doing the math. I do have other yarn I could use for it, but I really wanted to use this yarn in specific. Ugh, not sure what to do. I just love the Mara Shawl, which is a free pattern by Madelinetosh. What to do.. what to do... The other possibilities is Dream in Color Classy in either Happy Forest or Gothic Rose. Both them are sitting on my desk staring at me. "Choose me, choose me". I love them both, and have 3 skeins of each, and each skein is 250 yards, so I have 750 yards of each color, which is more than enough for the shawl. Decisions, decisions....

Still looking for my 8121st commenter! Almost there! Also - a reminder for my knit-a-thon raffle. If you donate money to sponsor me to knit all night long, the weekend after next, you will be entered to win one of these prizes. Details are in this blog post. You can make your donations here. I am soooo close to reaching my goal - every donation helps! I thank you again in advance. Canadian donations above 10$ get a tax receipt, which will be issued shortly after our event.


Hattie said...

Poor babies, hope they get better soon!

And I say use the happy forest color!

Bea said...

Sorry about the sick :( Gus is sick right now too. He's basically just been barfing things up for the last day or so.

Not sure what to do about the yarn. I know exactly the feeling that I want to knit something in a particular yarn and then can't because I have just under what I'd need.

kattie said...

Oh hope your boys heal quickly.

As for the Mara shawl, I say do it with the yarn you like. I did mine with only 440 yards or so. So you should have enough for yours.

Knit and Purl Mama said...

Not sure if you are going to read this - but you say you did yours with 440 yards. What did you do to alter the pattern to make it work for that yardage?

Robyn (knitpurlmama)

dawn said...

Gotta love that Mack put himself to sleep. I wish my oldest would do that...he's not a good sleeper.

Sarah B. said...

Here's hoping Mack feels better soon! He looked so cozy on the couch!

g-girl said...

oh noooo, poor sweetie! i can't believe he put himself to sleep on the couch! and sean had a headache? :( ugh..poor guys. not sure if you've cast on for mara yet..could you go down a needle size to make up for the yardage you're lacking? jw.

Tara said...

Wow, you KNOW they're feeling bad when there's spontaneous napage! I guess he didn't feel better in time to make it to your nephews' party?

Anonymous said...

Hey Robyn,

I did some Ravelry searching and found this one:
she only used 550y and said some notes in her specs page.

You could probably email her to ask what she did.

This chick
Only used 330ys.

This one:
talks about how to know how much yarn to save for the ruffle and bo.

Good luck!