Friday, November 20, 2009

november twenty

Ahh, Fridays. Sean's been jumping around the house saying "T.G.I.F. Thank God It's Friday"....! He learned that from his teachers, who slap their clappers and sing that song each week. So Sean has started to go around (all week actually) saying (rather screaming) "T.G.I.F. Thank God It's Friday". At first we had no idea what he was saying, but then when we figured it out, we were able to correct him on his spelling of TGIF.

I kept Mack home today, as he had fever yesterday and he's supposed to be 24 hours fever free before I can bring him back to daycare. (Same rule at Sean's daycare). I had Madeleine over for lunch, as she wanted to come see Mackenzie (not me of course!). She brought us over lunch, which was really nice. In the afternoon Eugenie stopped by to pick something up and drop something off, so it was nice to have all these visitors today. I always love visitors. Especially when I'm stuck in the house with a child not feeling well. It's nice to have people over.

The rest of the afternoon while Mack napped, I did a lot of work. Still had some finishing touches to do on some work I have been doing. I still have a little more work to finish up tomorrow night after the kids go to sleep, but the major chunk of it is done! And let me tell you, I've been working hard! Tagging, labeling, creating. I love it. I live for keeping busy.

This evening my in-laws didn't come for dinner as they usually do, and now I can't remember why. But we'll be seeing them tomorrow night, so that works out. At least they will be able to see the kids. We just hung out after the kids went to bed. We were going to watch Star Trek (the movie) but it was too long of a movie, and so we just decided to watch Dexter instead and hang out for a bit on the couch. I worked on Jordyn's Blanket.


g-girl said...

sorry to hear about mack's fever! cute about sean jumping around the house yelling TGIF!

Bea said...

We just watched Star Trek movie last Friday night. Chris is getting gung ho with the movie watching now that I made him clean up (straighten) the upstairs again so I feel sure dogs can be up there without eating something they shouldn't.

Tara said...

We just started watching Dexter. I didn't think Phil would like it at first, but it seems to be growing on him!