Friday, November 27, 2009

november twenty-seven

Today I worked in the office for the most part of the day. I am so glad that the heating was working again because on Wednesday when I worked last, it was super duper cold in there and my fingers ended up turning blue.

My in-laws came for supper tonight, my step-mother-in-law bringing her meatball & ribs sauce. It's a good thing that I remembered an hour before they showed up that we had absolutely no pasta left in the house, so I sent them to pick up some on their way, cuz, we'd have nothing to eat her wonderful sauce on otherwise! Whoops!

I've got some more progress to show you on Jordyn's Blanket!

I'm almost done!

I am hoping to have it done by Sunday night latest, so that Monday I can weave in the ends and then have my (ex) Aunt pick it up on Monday so that she can give it to my little cousin on her 5th birthday on Tuesday. This will be her big girl blanket, which will replace the one that was stolen recently. (Still, I don't get how someone can steal a baby blanket that has been used for almost 5 years). I have one more complete purple section to go, (purple, white, purple) and then finish it off with 1 pink section (like the other end). Like I said, it's 77% complete as of now. (50 rows done from 65).

I want to learn to make a box bag next in my sewing class. I am supposed to make a pair of Pajamas next (was going to do them in child size for one of my kids, probably for Sean, since Mack would get to wear them after him) but there is only 3 weeks left. I don't know yet if I will be signing up for this class next session (no idea what's going on yet next session) and I want to learn things that I have my eye on, like knitting accessories/notion bags, etc. I know there are a few tutorials online, (Free), but does anyone know of any good paid ones? Mcalls? Vogue? Butterick, Burda? Bueller? I want to make one like this or like this.

We were going to sit down and watch Star Trek, but again, after realizing what time it was, we decided against it, as it's a 2 hour movie. We'll get it it, eventually. We did watch some Dexter instead. We've got 2 episodes left to catch up to this Sunday night's episode. We're almost there. And it just keeps getting better and better let me tell you!


g-girl said...

jordyn is going to absolutely love her new blanket! :)

Lucy said...

Hey Robyn - check out this link ( for a great box-bag. I've made *several* of them myself and just taught a small class using her instructions. One or two of the steps are a bit tricky, but not hard at all.... Enjoy!

dawn said...

I love the blankie! Such pretty colors and I'm sure the recipient will love her big girl blanket.

Bea said...

I don't know of any patterns specifically, but I so rarely use patterns because they never work out right for me.

These are good tutorials though

Tara said...

We just started watching Dexter (Phil's totally obsessed). We're a few episodes into season 2 so far. More tonight!