Saturday, November 14, 2009

november fourteen

This morning I took Sean to his swim class. I hadn't been to that class in weeks. The last time Sean went he was with my mom actually, while I was at Rhinebeck. Then he got sick, and hadn't been in a few weeks. Finally we got back today. Sean did a great job this morning, I was rather impressed actually. He's such a fish. Which is a good thing, I want him to be as fearless of the water as possible.

After the swim lesson we went to the library to renew some library books. One book that I wanted to renew I have to wait for Monday to go back. It's an inter-library loan and they have to call the National Library of Canada (in Ottawa) to make sure no one else is waiting to borrow the book, and they are closed on the weekend. If it's okay, then I have to go back on Monday to renew the book. I am hoping it's okay, as I didn't get the chance to finish it. If someone else has it on reserve, then I'll just reserve it again, to get it back again after that. I am hoping that there is no problem in renewing it. I checked the card in the back and the last time it was taken out was months before my request.. so I don't think there will be a problem with taking it out again, but who knows.

After the library we did some grocery shopping. I needed some items to prepare my pot-luck items for tonight's knit-a-thon. Sean absolutely loves this cart when we go to this particular grocery store.

I had gone to put my purse in the car, and while I was doing that Sean got out of the cart. Because the groceries were heavy, the car toppled over. So I took the groceries out before trying to lift it back. (Thank goodness my eggs didn't break!) Anyhow, when I was loading the last bag into the car, I turn around and Sean flipped the car back up. I couldn't believe it. He was so proud of himself - it was adorable. He was like "I lifted the car mommy! Look!"

This afternoon I baked an apple cake (recipe here) for the knit-a-thon tonight, as well as an apple cake for Jamie (couldn't leave him out!) I also made a huge pasta salad which I am bringing tonight. I also am in charge of the plastic cutlery tonight too.

I took care of some work this afternoon, and have been getting things accomplished. I still feel like there is a hundred things I need to be doing, but I think I have everything under control for tonight. Oh..... my raffle! Winners were picked!

Winners for my raffle have been chosen! Thank you to everyone who donated!
Every dollar counts to make a difference!

The winners are....

Prize 1: Melanie B.!

Prize 2: Hattie!

Prize 3: Ruby A.!

Prize 4: Betty B.!

I will be contacting you guys to let you know that you won, and to arrange to get your prize to you! Congrats to the 4 winners! Hope you enjoy your prize, and thank you again for donating to our event. Hopefully our fundraiser will make a difference when it comes to finding a cure for breast cancer!

I am off to go get myself ready for tonight. I am very excited! Wish me good luck to staying awake all night and knitting!! I will definitely need it. I have my chemo cap project ready to go (we're starting off the evening by knitting or crocheting chemo caps to donate to the hospital) and then my other projects to work on after I'm done with the chemo cap project. I will update you all on how we all did tomorrow! Stay tuned!


Kimber said...

Good Luck!

I am going to have to try your apple cake recipie next (and one I found on the Smitten Kitchen website). I just don't have the right apples in my house right now!

Bea said...

Hope the knitathon went well!

Tara said...

Can't wait to see how the knit-a-thon went!

Amelah said...

Wow Sean is so strong lol! He is the athletic one!!!!

Congrats to the winners! Such lovely prizes! Made me almost wanna donate for u lol to win!