Tuesday, November 17, 2009

november seventeen :: 17 months old

Mack is 17 months old today.

I tried on the hat that I made Saturday night on Mack, but it really doesn't fit. I had tried it on him the other day but it was dark out and I hate pictures with flash, so I decided to wait until I had him in daylight to take a picture of him in it. It's cute, and I definitely will make him one, just a little bit bigger so it will actually fit him and not ride up over his ears.

Today I have progress pictures of Jordyn's Blanket.

I am debating putting in a white row after I'm done with the purple. I can always put it in and see if I like it or not and if I don't, just rip back. We'll see... I think the white may help it a bit because the pink & the purple both are a little.... vibrant. What do you think??

This morning I missed Mack's music class because my mom called from Florida and I ended up talking to her on the phone and missing the class. It was the last class, and I kinda feel bad for missing it. I drove both of the kids to daycare and headed to work.

I got a lot accomplished in the office today, I'm really happy with the way things are going there. Finally I feel "at home" with the work, I don't use my notes anymore, and I've got a grove going on when I'm there. I work efficiently, and that's very good.

Sean's been an excellent boy at daycare since last Monday. He's gotten all happy faces the entire week last week and yesterday & today. I am so proud of him. I'm hoping things turn around in the behavior department as age 3 approaches (next month, time flies) and we put age 2 behind us. Bye-bye terrible twos.... let's hope!

Tonight, I watched the Habs game with Jamie, and the Habs had me sitting at the edge of my seat. We won 3-2 in a shootout against the Hurricanes. What a game. Even the shootout was intense. I have renewed faith in Carey Price tonight. And Lapierre just rocked that goal. Holy! GO HABS GO!


Zonda said...

It does look cute on him though! You need to make him one in Habs colors though ;)

spinsandknits said...

Love the colors of Jordyn's blanket. :-) May I suggest using off white instead of pure white? Think the off white would mute the colors more; the pure would make them stand out, intensify them.
Can't wait to see the finished product. :-)

Bea said...

I think you should add white. It would be really cute.

g-girl said...

i'm lovin' the colors for jordyn's blanket! i think off-white or even a light yellow would work. that is fantastic that sean has been so good @ daycare!

Tara said...

You'll forgive me for not feeling the Habs love after we got CREAMED by the friggin' LEAFS on Tuesday. Ugh!