Thursday, November 12, 2009

november twelve

I can't believe that there is frost already. Time to start parking in the garbage overnight. I must start nudging Jamie to clean up the garage so that I can park inside.

This morning I worked from home until my sewing class. My sewing class wasn't so private today. A girl that usually goes to Friday morning's class couldn't make it to the Friday class this week, so the teacher suggested she came to today's class. My teacher reassured me that as of next week it'll go back to being a private class.

Working away on my sewing project in class.

Here is my bag (I'd say 3 quarters done).
You've been asking for progress pictures, so I've got this for you today.
I think it's pretty neat the construction of the bag.

This evening I colored with the boys while waiting for supper to arrive. I didn't feel like cooking tonight so we ordered in. I am starting to get sick of the recipes that I have - if you have a good family dinner recipe, please do share it with me. What is your easy dinner night suggestion? What do you make on a busy day? I'm open to all ideas!

Jamie had hockey tonight, so I plopped on the couch, worked on some knitting and watched my girlie Thursday night tv line-up (Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice). Some relaxing time, just what the doctor ordered. Tomorrow I have a bunch more donations to go and pick up - I am very excited to know the exact amount that I have collected for the knit-a-thon. I also have a few checks that are coming in the mail for the event - I really hope that they arrive before tomorrow, as it's the last mail day before the event. I am crossing my fingers that they arrive.


Oh and please please please, if you haven't donated yet to my knit-a-thon - please do. The info is here and you can donate here. There are prizes to be won if you donate!! You have until Saturday morning November 14th, 2009 to donate. I will be picking winners from those whom have donated (every 10$ donation gets you 1 entry to the draw) just before I leave to the knit-a-thon! It's for a good cause (Breast Cancer Research) and for Canadians, any donation above 10$ gets you a tax receipt. Thanks! Please go donate now!!



g-girl said...

yikes! look @ that ice. your bag is so cool. a friend of mine gave me this recipe--put chicken in a baking dish (any amount) season, bake for about an hour @ 350, and right before your pull the chicken out sprinkle with cheese. good luck today!!

Hattie said...

The bag is SOOO SO cute!

Living Inspired said...

where are you taking a sewing class!Great job on the purse!

Kimber said...

Your bag is so cute! Good job!

I make Tex Mex lasagna,

You get oven ready lasagna noodles
jar of salsa
ricotta cheese (there are usually two sizes at the store and I get the bigger container)
can of corn niblets (drain them)
can of refried bean (I use the low fat ones).
and shredded cheese (I like the Tex Mex one with cheddar and monteray jack but you use what you like). I use at least 2.5c shredded.

Oven about 375 degrees F.

In a large bowl mix the salsa, refried beans, and corn niblets.

In another bowl mix the ricotta and shredded cheese (I reserve about a cup for the top of the lasagna).

Put a bit of the bean mixture on the bottom of the pan you are using to assemble your lasagna. Put a layer of noodles. Top noodles with bean mix, then dot on cheese mix, another layer of noodles. Do this again (or until your stuff is used up - I often have two to three layers depending on the size of your pan). Top with remaining cheese and bake until bubbly and cheese on top is lightly brown.

Serve with sour cream (or extra salsa) on top.

If you don't like spicy/hot use a mild salsa.

Bea said...

The bag is looking really awesome. I think you're doing a fabulous job on it. Not sure about recipes since I mostly cook only for two at each meal. I'm tired of what we've been eating too.

Bea said...

Oh just thought of something!! We season chicken (salt and pepper, red pepper, garlic - whatever you love) and then we pour a bottle of salsa on top (so the chicken is fully covered) and stick in the oven for about an hour at 350 or 375. Chicken in its own sauce. Its really moist and tender when its done as well. If you like cheese you can probably add that near the end so it will melt. I usually don't but Chris adds it later. I make a bit of plain rice to go with it because there is enough salsa to use as sauce for the rice too (Another thing usually Chris eats and I don't). Plus whatever veggies I have around for salad or as a side.

Tara said...

The bag is looking fabulous, Robyn! As far as family meals go, I'd say the biggest staple in my house are sausages. There's a great sausage place not far from my house, they've got over 50 varieties, and the kids love them, no muss, no fuss. We probably have them once a week.

Craftlover said...

wow, the bag is awesome !! you did a great job. :)
I am sure that you really enjoyed the class.. and sewing.
keep it up.. :D have fun!!!