Tuesday, November 10, 2009

november ten

This morning after a little hiatus (from being sick) Mack finally got to go back to his music class! It was a lot of fun and we missed being there. Mack got to see his friends. It seemed that any of his friends with older siblings had them there because there was a professional day today. If I would have known I would have brought Sean late to daycare and let him have fun today too - he would have loved it.

Dropped Mack off at daycare after music and headed to work. I had a lot of catching up to do since I didn't work all of last week since I had Mack home from Monday to Friday and Sean home Tuesday afternoon until Friday. It wasn't as bad as I thought (the catching up) but I still had some overdue stuff to take care of.

This evening for dinner I pulled out some sauce that I made over the weekend (Jamie was super happy about this) and made some pasta with my homemade meat sauce. It had been a while since we'd had it (I'm talking months since the last time I made a batch - before I started my diet in January 2009, so it was definitely enjoyable. I had been avoiding eating protein on pasta (and pasta after 5pm I was trying to avoid as much as possible too) - which makes it harder to digest, making it really hard to lose weight, so during my weight loss phase I avoided it completely. But now that my metabolism is working in full gear, I am able to eat protein on my (whole wheat - always) pasta (even after 5pm) now, because I know my body will burn it off faster than it used to.

I love spaghetti faces. They are just the best.

And super funny at the same time!

Tonight I had the Knitting Guild Meeting (2nd Tuesday of the month). I got there just as a lecture was starting on spinning. Although I'm not really into spinning, (I'd rather spend my time knitting, the precious time I do get to do that), I enjoyed listening and even tried to spin on a stick (I'll photograph it tomorrow when there is some daylight. It actually came out interestingly!) The lecture lasted the entire meeting, so there wasn't really any time at all tonight to socialize but I got to work on my current design that I am working on, and got a lot accomplished on it. I am really glad that I got out of the house this evening, Jamie kinda made me go. I really just wanted to stay at home, but he thought it would do me some good since I wasn't feeling so well yesterday, to get out of the house. It actually did some good being out!

Today is Sesame Street's 40th Birthday! The first episode aired November 10, 1969.

Google's been celebrating all week! Here are the images seen on google in the last few days:

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Happy Birthday Sesame Street!
I watched it as a kid and now again with my kids!


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g-girl said...

mack looks SO adorable in that first pic! :) he looks so much better than he did last week too. that was good of jamie to kind of send you off to the knitting guild meeting even though you wanted to stay in. can't wait to see this pic of you having spun on a stick!

Bea said...

Cute spaghetti faces! I don't even remember a little bit about Sesame Street. I'm sure I must have watched it.

Tara said...

I used to love Sesame Street as a kid. My kids being French, we don't really watch it with them though :(