Sunday, February 01, 2009

february one :: 109 weeks old

Sean is 109 weeks old today. (And getting harder and harder to photograph!)

This morning we went to Sean's friend Noah's 2nd birthday party. I'd met Noah's mom in pre-natal Aqua when I was pregnant with Sean and we kept in touch.

Sean had fun playing with all the toys in the kitchen area.

Sean even wanted Mommy to come sit next to him on the tiny picnic bench. Not sure how I fit in there. Those things are so small for kids! Sean was very persistant on having me sit next to him.

Sean got to hang out with his girlfriend Shayna.

They are so cute together.

He also got a Tiger loot bag and loves it! That was nice of Noah!

This afternoon I went to the Habs game with my mom. They played the Boston Bruins. Unfortunately we lost 3-1. They wore a jersey from history, which looked rather goofy.

What do you think about this jersey? What was even worse, is that the leg warmers (or whatever manly name they call it) that go over their pads on their legs matched in stripes. Ew! Too distracting. Can't wait to see them in their regular uniform at the next game!

And there was knitting at the game! I've actually gotten more than this knit by the end of the game, on my Go Habs Go socks! Maybe I'll have a finished pair before the end of the season.

Actually, tonight, my socks matched their uniform perfectly!

This evening I went out with the boys and my parents and my sister as well for dinner. Jamie stayed in with a friend and watched the Super Bowl. Maybe if Jamie's fave team were playing (The Eagles) I'd have watched it with him. But because it was two teams that I just don't care about, and neither does Jamie really, I decided to go out for dinner instead.

Wow... It's February already? Where did January go?

Don't forget to snatch your spot in my February Sock Club! I believe there's only 2 spots left!


Bertha said...

ha! The Boston sportscasters were all over those Habs uniforms! Everyone thought they looked like weird pajamas or colorful jail uniforms! Sometimes the retro unis are cool, but sometimes...certain things just need to stay in the past!

Sarah B. said...

What yarn are you using for those socks? I like it!

Nell said...

How cool that your socks match the uniforms.

pahkcah02 said...


Amelah said...

Like i said on Sunday, the Habs look like they just escaped from JAIL! I dont like the jerseys!

I was stuck at work, thank God we have satelitte TV! I was able to watch the HABS game since it was quiet!!!

Sean and Shayna are too cute together!!

Tara said...

I know, I couldn't figure out what the heck they were thinking wearing those jerseys! They looked like the Hamburglar on LSD or something.

Bea said...

Sean and Shayna are so cute together!

g-girl said...

i thought the same thing-that their uniform matches the sock you were working on! :) where'd noah have his bday party? it looks like a cute place!

dawn said...

I was thinking the same thing about the socks matching the uniforms although the socks are a lot prettier:)