Monday, February 02, 2009

february two

This morning we never made it to the class at the Y. By the time we actually got out of the door and got Sean to daycare, after a diaper change situation AFTER they were already in their snow suits (I HATE WINTER! IS IT OVER YET??!) there just wasn't enough time during the class to get to the class, get undressed out of Mack's snow suit, and enjoy the class. So I opted to not go instead. Which was fine. I'm okay with missing a class here and there, it's not the end of the world.

This afternoon though, we didn't miss out on playgroup at one of Mack's friends houses.

Mackie and one of his best friends, Jordan.

Lots of babies that don't want to sit still anymore for group photos! (Mack's almost on the go here too! Look at him trying to roll out of the picture (bottom row right hand side).

Today I did buy that painting that I saw last week at Second Cup on Knit Night. I fell in love with it, and Jamie had seen it before, and loved it too. We're going to make room for it in our den above the couches. It's 32x40 inches so it's huge! It's of Carey Price, #31, our Habs goalie. It's by an artist Reesa, who lives around the corner from me, and here's her website: Art By Reesa. She has some really nice paintings!

I love how small this world is. I emailed someone on Craigslist for something they have for sale. I got an email back, and it turns out it's my old babysitter from when I was a kid! I couldn't believe it. So she said that if I picked it up, as she lives in the city, she'll give it to me for free. That's super sweet of her. So I'm going to make her my Scrabble Letter Earrings, and give them to her in her name initial. They're selling like hot cakes! Woozah! (If you wanted a pair, let me know, they're still on sale!) (I think I will get around to updating the picture though, I make them with different loops now, so they look different than the picture in stock on my site) (Gotta remember to do that when there is still daylight out).

Tonight I hung out with Jamie and we hung out watching some TV. I got some knitting done. Though, I'm tired, so I'm going to head to bed early tonight.


Sarah B. said...

Love the painting! She's really good!

Nell said...

Cool painting. That'll be fun in the den.

Amelah said...

West Island is very smalL!

So cool that you bought it! I did not know u did [u never told me!] I knew u were thinking of it! Will make a great asset to ur den!

Tara said...

Why am I not surprised that it's a HOCKEY PAINTING??? LOL!

g-girl said...

wow, that is a very good painting! So realistic. :) what a small world indeed!