Sunday, February 08, 2009

february eight :: 110 weeks old

Sean is 110 weeks old today!

Today I actually got to sleep in (after an early morning feeding for Mack though) and feel still not-so-hot. I stayed in bed/on the couch for the most part of the day, until I went at 4pm to pick up my friend Robyn, her husband JJ, and her brother Mark at the metro station. They had mis-read the info for the train, so they ended up taking the metro to the closest stop to my house, and I went to pick them up.

It was really great to see Robyn today. The last time we saw each other was the weekend of my wedding. (She was a bridesmaid at my wedding). She's in town visiting family, and I'm glad that she took some time to come out to visit me. I had pre-arranged for her to go see her old house, which she grew up in. It's 5 houses down from the house I moved into in November 2007. I made friends with the mother of the house over trick-or-treating this past October (2008) and so I knew that she probably wouldn't mind, so a few days ago I called her up and asked if she wouldn't mind if I brought them over. Usually that would be an odd request from a stranger, so I guess it was in Robyn's favor that I knew the family. The owners of the house were super sweet and gave us the grand tour. A lot of changes have been made over the years in the house (Robyn and her family moved out of the house in the Spring of 1993). Going into that house brought back a LOT of memories. Sleepovers and birthday parties, and just hanging out.

After the tour, I dropped the kids off at my parents house, and Jamie & I went out for dinner with Robyn, her husband, and her brother. We had dinner at St. Hubert Chicken - which was Robyn's request. She loves her chicken. (Something about the skin of the chicken!)

After dinner I picked up the kids, put them to bed, and hung out with Robyn & gang until I ended up driving them home around 10 pm, to where they were staying. Robyn's grandfather lives in the city, about 25 minutes away from my house.

I am really glad that I got to see her. And I hope it's not 3 and a half years before I see her again. She thinks she may be coming back out to Montreal for a family reunion in the summer, so that would be nice to see her. I don't know how soon I can get to Arizona, but Robyn's got guest bedrooms, and invited us out. It's super hard traveling with 2 young kids, so we'll see about that. It's also super hard to organize to leave the kids back in Montreal (with family) for more than a day, so we'll see if that could happen. Maybe next year. It's definitely a possibility.

I'm not feeling too good. I'm off to bed. All my plans for tomorrow are cancelled because I need 1 more day to re-coup. I'm sure Sean won't be going to daycare tomorrow, I think I'll keep him home one more day. He was still coughing tonight. Damn, I hate this time of the year. I should go get some sleep.


Bertha said...

OMG, seriously? St. Hubert's is like my favorite place on earth! Matt hates it but I demand he take me there anytime we're in Quebec! And I love it for the exact same reason, the skin! SO delicious and crispy! Dangit, I wish we had St. Hubert's here!!

Nell said...

You should totally go to Arizona. But not in the summer. There are misters on the playgrounds so the kids don't overheat. Crazy, right!?!?!

Tara said...

The skin used to be my favourite part of the ckicken too, but I made myself give it up. :(

g-girl said...

sounds like you had fun hanging out with robyn, her husband, and her brother. that was really cool of you to be able to take them to see their old house! lucky that you befriended the new owner. hopefully it won't be another 3.5 years before you see each other.