Monday, February 09, 2009

february nine

Holy moly I feel like crap today. I hate being sick. Dang cold. I hate winter. I only get sick like this in the winter (of course). This morning my mom came to watch the boys in the morning so that I could run an errand. I probably shouldn't have left the house. But I needed some groceries, as there was nothing in the house for dinner tonight, if I didn't go out. (Well, I could have put something together, from frozen, but that wasn't the plan for today).

Sean's cough is getting better. Mack's coughing a bit though now too. (Dang!) We skipped Mack's class at the Y today because Sean is home from daycare sick. I also didn't go to playgroup today, and I really am upset that I didn't get to go today. It was at one of my friend's houses today, and I really wanted to go. Though, I shouldn't expose other kids to our germs, and Sean was home from daycare. Oh well, next week.

My nose officially looks like Rudolph the red nose reindeer... and it's raw and it's sore and it hurts. Oh, once agian, I really hate this time of the year. I want to fast forward to not being sick anymore. I should buy a share in kleenex - that's how many I'm going through! Chasing after Sean with kleenex too is fun. He hates having his nose wiped... and Mack is following in the same footsteps. Hates it too. But probably can breathe a lot better after I clean theris noses, so I'm trying to explain that to at least Sean, so that he won't complain in the future.

This afternoon my sister came for a bit, to watch the boys (well, watch the house as the boys were both sleeping) so that I could run one more errand. Again, I shouldn't have left the house, but I had to go to the Pharmacy. Thank you Amy for coming to watch the boys this afternoon. (She got to knit and watch tv at my house!)

This evening Sean took interest in the potty. He asks to use it, but then just sits on it. I'm not sure if he just thinks it's a toy, or if he actually realizes it's to "go" in. Because lately, whenever he's on it, he doesn't actually go to the bathroom. Oh well, we're trying, and he's asking, so we'll see where that takes us. I just think it's too cute that he asks for the newspaper to read while on the potty. Funny boy.

Mack is now taking interest in my camera and I'm going to have to be careful with my lens! this picture was taken just before he swatted his hand on my camera! Daring little boy!

Daring little boy with growing hair! Look at the mohawk. I love it.

Tonight we decided to turn off the Habs game while it was in the middle of the game, we ended up getting slaughtered by Calagary 6-2. I don't know what happened tonight, but I'm ashamed of the team tonight. Really. 6-2. WHAT THE HECK!!! It was nasty to watch. We did watch Heroes after the boys went to bed, and we're going to keep tonight's episode of 24 for the next chill night we have together.

Tomorrow I've got a busy day, but I think I'm going to skip Mack's 9 am swim class, because of my cold. It's going away, but it's still there and I also don't want Mack to get worse sick than he already is. It's too bad he's missing another swim lesson, but hey, I'd rather him get rid of his cough, and I don't want being almost na.ked in my bathing suit in cold water to make my cold worse. If I'm feeling better by Wednesday, I'll go to my aqua class, but that's if my cold is better.

Alright, I should get a good night's sleep. Well, try anyhow. I can't really breathe through my nose, so sleeping is rather difficult when you can't breathe and you need to keep blowing your dripping nose. Not fun!


Bertha said...

Ugh, sorry you're sick! June and I have the exact same thing. She wasn't sick until I took her to the doctor for her 2 year checkup last week! Stupid germy doctor's office! She's been up all night hacking, no fun, and now I just got it yesterday. Blech.

Also, Sean and June are doing the exact same thing potty-wise! She keeps asking me to use it, but then just sits there for a minute and says "All done! Flush!" and I'm like, "there's nothing to flush dude." Ha.

Jenny said...

Sorry you are feeling so bad. It has been going around here too - half the people I work with are sick and I am trying to stay away from them all!

I love the potty chair. Chloe is not yet that interested in it. I am hoping this summer we can work on it.

Hooray for the duck tub. I love that thing!

Jenn said...

I have not been sick this year (crossing my fingers). Hope you feel better soon!
Go Sean!! Even if he just gets used to sitting on is a good thing I think and maybe he'll leave a surprise one day. he he
Mack's getting big like my little Rowan girl. It's going by waaay too fast. :(

Sarah B. said...

Baby Girl was very distressed by the picture of Sean on the potty! She announced that he had a "hole" and pointed to the strategically placed black dot!

Theresa ( said...

Sorry you guys are sick. Have you ever tried the Cold-fx? It works like a charm, I was skeptical but tried it. Your cold goes away quicker with less symptoms.

Hope you get better quickly.

dawn said...

Hope you all get to feeling better soon. Sean sure looks cute on his potty, and with a newspaper too. I love the mohawk on Mack.

Nell said...

I'm getting a cold too. Either that or it's from all the dust in my dirty home!

Feel better soon!!

Summer said...

Get better soon!!!

The pictures of Mackie are adorable!!!

Big Girl Feet said...

Awww feel better soon everyone!!

Bea said...

Sorry you're not feeling well! I hope all of you are better soon!

Tara said...

I think it was really decent of you to think of the other kids in the playgroup if you're all sick. Well done! :)

g-girl said...

feel better soon.