Thursday, February 19, 2009

february nineteen

So I got an email this morning from Toys R Us stating:

"Thank you for your recent order submission at Toys "R"! We appreciate your shopping with us and will work to ensure that this is a great online shopping experience and you are completely satisfied with your purchase.

Unfortunately one of the items that you have purchased has been placed on backorder and we would like to confirm that:

- Once the above items are in, we will ship them to you as soon as possible.

- You will not be charged for this item until it is shipped."

You know what? That's fine. I wasn't planning on putting Mackie in it for a while anyhow, so if we don't get it for another month or two, then that's okay with me. I think though, that I'll call the 1-800 number and see if they have a rough idea of when I might get it. Because yes, they won't charge my credit card, but they did use up a gift card. So if it never comes into stock, I'd like that back.

This afternoon I went out to see if I could find Mack some 6-12 month size jeans. I didn't but did find a good deal on two pairs of 12 month jeans. I have to check what I have from Sean, and worse case, I can return the ones I picked up today. I also got some other shirts for Mack, there's always really good deals at Zellers. I got him one shirt, which says (in French) "Who needs Santa Claus when I have my grandmother". Thought it was cute. I'm going to save it for Sunday when we go to my parents house for dinner. I thought it was cute.

Tonight for dinner I just wiped up a simple pasta with tomato sauce. I wasn't in the mood to do anything more fancier than that tonight, and I'm pretty impressed with what I was able to wip together in no time. All you really need is pasta, and a can of crushed or diced tomatoes, and any spice/herb you want to add to the sauce for flavor. I just basically worked with what I had. I also steamed broccoli, and I chopped it up really thin and put it into the sauce. Added a nice touch.

Tonight was just a chill night with Jamie. We watched Survivor and an episode of Damages. We're getting there, so close to being done Season 1. I got a bit of knitting done, as well, I started doing an inventory of my scrabble letters. I started a spreadsheet with every letter and how many I have of each. This way, I have it on hand the amount I have per letter for when people order the earrings I sell. They've been selling like hot cakes, and I absolutely enjoy making them. It's quite a job doing inventory on them, but it's something I wanted to get done.

I recently purchased this earring holder. I know I have 2 others (the clear cases) but saw this one and had to have it. Also, I had a lot of new earrings that didn't fit into the clear cases. The clear cases aren't full, but I don't want to over crowd them.

So I loaded it up with my earrings.

And my fave newly acquired earrings, (that I ordered when I ordered bracelets from her), is these needle earrings. My only disappointment, is the "vintage" pink ones, the pink end is rusted. Doesn't look so nice. I'm going to see if maybe CLR will get the rust out. I will pull out the bottle of CLR this weekend or when I get the chance and try it out. I don't know why I didn't think of that before. The idea just came to me now. Anyhow, regardless of the flaw on the jewelry I bought, her stuff is gorgeous!


Telmah said...

I love that last earring photo.

Bea said...

I hope they give you your gift card money back if it doesn't come into stock.

The earring holder is a great idea. Very cute.

Nell said...

I love the earring holder. It looks like a boutique shop display.

Tara said...

I love my scrabble earrings! I should really take the time to change my earrings more often though...

Amelah said...

I love those earings with the needles! So nice. I like your earring holder, I did not see that one there :( I need more lol

g-girl said...

where do you keep your new earring holder? it looks really tall!

April said...

I love your ear ring holder! Where did you get it? My mom has been looking for something like that and it would make an awesome birthday gift!