Sunday, February 15, 2009

february fifteen :: 111 weeks old

Sean is 111 weeks old today.

I love that I can spike his hair in the bath now. Though, it's time for a haircut soon for him....

I cannot believe how big my boy is getting. He looks so much older when he does things like read his daddy's hockey magazine. He doesn't know how to read yet, but he pretends and gets all serious while looking at the pages. Cracks me up.

I did a swap on Ravelry last week, and got the most generous package in the mail. A user offered up some Indigo Moon sock yarn, for an extra copy of a magazine I had. The swap was agreed upon one day at noon, and the next morning, the yarn from her was in my mailbox. Talk about speedy service from Canada Post! I'm not complaining. Not only did she sent me the skein we agreed upon, but she sent an extra skein! Very nice of her.

And Indigo Moon in Mountains in the Moonlight

Both are very similar in colors, but I love them both. That was really sweet of the swapper to send them both. So I went ahead and packaged up a gift for her and sent it in the mail.

Ah... Sunday! Gotta love Sundays. Usually we go for supper to my parents house, but tonight there was no family dinner. Which was fine. We figured out our own thing for tonight. Going to go plop myself on the couch and watch Desperate Housewives and knit. I've been working on my step-mother-in-law's vest. An update picture is coming. Promise!


MW Knitgirl said...

Hi Robyn,

Where did you get that beautiful table from? It's simply gorgeous and I WANT one!

Of course, the yarn is extremely pretty too but I really want to know about the table. Please share? :-)


Nell said...

You should get Sean a mohawk! That would be awesome!!! (or maybe I've had 1 glass too many of wine.)

Tara said...

Nice swap indeed! Looks like those skeins have good yardage, too.

Amelah said...

Sean cracks me up!! He is too funny that kid!

Amy said...

Look at how cute Sean is! I love the colors of those yarns!


Lynanne said...

How on earth did you figure out he was 111 weeks old?

Happy 111th week b-day, btw :)

Shelley said...

Such cute pictures! The yarn looks pretty as well.

Have an award for you over on my blog!

Bea said...

Wow that is a generous swapper. The skeins are beautiful.

g-girl said...

that's nice that you guys typically have family dinner with your parents on sundays! :) what a generous gift indeed!