Saturday, February 21, 2009

february twenty-one

Jamie and I are nuts and do the Costco thing on Saturday mornings. If we go before noon, it's not so bad. Yes, there are crazies who don't know how to drive their shopping carts, but we usually find decent parking and end up in the fastest checkout lines. Today we picked up this gorgeous new scale. I love it. It reads in .2 increments and is way more accurate than our old scale that would give three different readings each three times in a row you'd get on it. Lifetime warranty my arse! I'm going to bring this scale with me to the nutritonist the next time I go and see how it compares.

This week I've managed to knock off 2 more squares on my blanket. Since I'm using 2.0mm needles (US0), each square takes me about 2 hours to knit. The three squares I did this week are the green/orange/blue one on the left hand side, the purple/pink/grey one in the middle and above that one, the pink & black & white one. I am loving this project, too bad it takes forever!

I also decided that I was sick of my ugly keychain. Time to give it a bit of an uplift. My habs hockey puck no longer sported our logo, and there was keyrings on there that had nothing on it anymore.

I'd been getting new keychains lately, so I finally sat down and gave it an uplift. I got a new habs logo, added a Needle Gauge pendant, kept some of the old stuff, and got an "r" initial. I love it, and it looks nice and clean on ONE ring. And the one big ring is this flexible wire material stuff, which is great. I just hope it's not that heavy. I guess I will find out soon!

This evening I kind of just vegged out on the couch all evening. I got a bit of knitting done, as well as some beading for stitch markers. Jamie played hooky from hockey tonight (he plays for fun) and we caught up on the end of season 1 of Damages. Now we must catch up on Season 2. Eventually we'll get there!

Hoping the weather isn't so bad tomorrow, it's supposed to be mild. I'd love to take Sean skating at the park down the street from us. Though, only if it's warm enough. I don't want anyone to get sick and we'd all have to go. Mack would have to sit on the side with one of us, or something. But I got Sean skates (cheese cutters), he got them as a holiday gift, and he hasn't used them yet. I guess we'll have to see how the weather is tomorrow.


Lindsay said...

Where did you get the pink car key thingy? I want one!

Bea said...

Lovely additions to your keychain and your blanket. My keychain is non-existant. I carry my car key which is an all in one with the buttons to lock and unlock part of the key and thats it.

Tara said...

I love the initial on your keychain :)

Amelah said...

I like the ring for ur key chain stuff, where did u get it from?

g-girl said...

really, size 0's??? no wonder it's such a tedious project!