Monday, February 16, 2009

february sixteen

This morning Mack had his 5 Senses class, and it was an alright class today. I still find the moms in that class to not be my type of people, so I'm kind of just doing my own thing in that class. Though Mack seems to like the babies around his age in this class. Nikki above with Mack is 10 days younger than him.

This morning while Mack slept in his bucket, I ran to the nuitritionist, and I'm now officially down 10.4 lbs. That first goal of 10 lbs. Wow. Feels great. This eating properly thing really does work! I also got a few other errands done before we headed to playgroup, which was actually for one of Mack's friends first birthdays.

Mack was all ready to party today. He had his party hat (princess of course, since it was a girl's birthday!) and his party blower! (Which he chewed on so much it was soggy cardboard when I took it away from him).

Mack chillin' with his friends.

All the kids that came today for the birthday party. (The birthday girl is the only one sitting with her back to us... she refused to turn around!)

Mack got sat on by 2 of the girls today. I happened to catch this one on camera. I'm not sure what it was, but the girls decided to plop themselves backwards on Mack, and sit on his lap. It was too cute.

The birthday girl. Her first birthday is actually on Sunday upcoming.
I just love this shot I took of her.

Today I received some yarn in the mail as a payment for that sock I knit a few months ago.

First up is some Beyond Basic Self-Striping Yarn in Girl Interrupted.

And I also ordered some Neighborhood Fiber Co. Studio Sock in Columbus Circle.

Both skeins will go into my stash for now, to age for a bit. (Sounds like a wine collection, I swear!) I have no idea what will be in the future for these 2 skeins, but surely enough, I'll find some project for them.

Tonight was a chill night on the couch with some knitting. Monday nights have a great line up of TV shows and we managed to watch Heroes and 24 tonight. Though, other stuff (like Chuck and Big Bang Theory get recorded and we get to them later on in the week, as Heroes & 24 are on the top of the TV watching list.


Melanie said...

Congrats on the weight loss! That's great :) I think it's so adorable that girls like to sit on Mack :)

Sharon said...

Great job with the weight loss! That's awesome!
Also, your little one is so friggin cute! Of course the girls would want to sit on his lap. ;) haha.
He's such a good sitter! Bean is just now getting to where I'm comfortable leaving her sitting alone for a few minutes. Even still, she falls over a lot...onto her face. Poor chubby baby.

Summer said...

OMG!!!! Aidan has the same outfit as Mack!!! That is totally awesome!!!!

g-girl said...

when did you start seeing a nutritionist? i know you mentioned going to one but I must've missed when you first started going! :P i love the sleeping pic of mack in his bucket--cute outfit! I also love his shirt he's wearing for the bday party! ;)

Nell said...

That picture of the little girl sitting on Mack cracks me up!

TROIS OISEAUX - Kimber said...

Good job on the weight loss!!!!

dawn said...

I love the pink princess party hat on Mack. Tough guys wear pink right?!

Anonymous said...

Yay to you for the lost weight! Mack and his friends are so adorable (especially love the one of Mack in his bucket and the birthday girl!).


Jude said...

I love the wine/yarn gives a whole new meaning to my stash!

Tara said...

Congrats on losing your first 10 pounds! You looked great on Saturday!