Saturday, February 07, 2009

february seven

We all pretty much stayed in today, except Jamie, who had to go to work for a bit. Because I wasn't feeling too hot today, my mother and father came for lunch and then my dad left and my mother stayed to hang out for a bit, and help me with the kids. Sean's still got a cough, that sounds worse than yesterday, and I've got a nasty cold/cough. Mack's so far ok.

He's definitely all smiles today.

And with big laughs!

But, I wasn't sure where he was trying to go - strapped in and all.

He certainly had motivation to try to get out of the thing. He was put into it properly, and then went under the bar of toys, and ended up like this. Still strapped in.... no where to go. But he certainly tried. He had us laughing for a bit. Not at him, of course, with him! He was all smiles trying to figure out how to escape! He wasn't too sure what was holding him back.

But when he did get out of his chair, he crawled... backwards. Yep... backwards under the ottoman. Funny boy, likes to crawl backwards under things. Crawling forward? Naw.... not yet.

This afternoon both boys gave me a nice peaceful afternoon, so I sat on the couch and knit and caught up on some of my tv shows from this week. Jamie got home just before dinner time, and we had a nice family dinner together, and then he went off to play hockey and I sat on the couch and did some more knitting and some more tv watching. I really wasn't feeling too well today/tonight, so that seemed like a good plan. Just getting some rest. Tomorrow, providing I'm feeling better, I'm going to be seeing my best-friend-since-kindergarten, and I am totally looking forward to that. She's in town for 4 days and I'm pretty much the only person she's seeing while out here, besides family (to my knowledge anyhow). I just need to wait for her call so that I can go pick her (and her husband - whom I've not met yet) at the train station.

Today I'm Loving:
- This Scrabble keyboard that someone made. (Thanks for the link Ariella!)
- These scrabble coasters - neat idea!
- These dryer balls which I'm totally thinking of making.

Don't forget to snatch your spot in my March Sock Club. Only a few spots left!


Sarah B. said...

Hope you and Sean start feeling better soon!

ahufford said...

I know how you feel - I had a cold a week ago (when that dumpload of snow happened all over) and I'm now just getting over it.

What color is Mack's hair? It looks really red in those pictures (that are really cute!).

Nell said...

Uh oh! Looks like you have a wiggler! Pretty soon you'll be running in two directions at once.

Tara said...

Yeah, I wouldn't be too anxious for Mack to "really" start crawling if I were you! You think you're busy NOW? lol

Tara said...

Yeah, I agree with Nell. I wouldn't be too anxious for Mack to "really" start crawling if I were you! :)

g-girl said...

mack is quite a character! :) glad the boys knew you needed the rest. :)