Wednesday, February 25, 2009

february twenty-five

Kept Sean home again today. Still with that dang runny nose. So that meant that Mack did not go to his music class this morning nor we go to my aqua stroller class this morning. We did however go to the mall with my mother. I wanted to return something to a store, and also I had a pair of earrings that I bought just before Xmas that broke. I just wanted to exchange them for another pair, since I absolutely loved them, but they no longer had any in stock, so I got my money back - which is fine by me! And of course, my luck, after cutting off the tags on Mack's 30$ Gap jeans, I find today two pairs of jeans, 6-12 month size for 4.49$ each. (Though upon trying them on him today, he needs to gain weight before he can wear them as they fall right off him as he has no waist).

We had lunch at the mall, and then looked/walked around a bit more before heading back so that the boys could go home to take their naps. Naps are very important for Sean, or he doesn't function. Of course he fell asleep in the car on the way home and was hard to transfer to his bed, as he woke up a tad and was really cranky. Oh what fun!

This evening I went out with the West Island Knits group and we had a lot of fun. At first I was doing some work on my laptop since we can get free wifi on the computer there and then I worked a bit on a design I'm working on. We had good conversation and because of that, the time always passes by so quickly I find.

New in the shop I have Fiddlesticks EcoKnit 100% Organic Cotton. It comes in 4 different natural colorways. It's so nice to touch, which is surprising to me, because I usually find cotton too rough for my sensitive skin - but this stuff is awesome. My mother has already claimed a Cowl in the this yarn, since she's allergic to wool (and I refused to knit with acrylic! I'm a yarn snob, I admit it). So if you're looking for some cotton - or better yet, some organic cotton, this stuff is awesome.

Don't forget you have until the weekend to sign up for your March Sock Club kit - which I'm featuring a Montreal Handpainter - very excited about that! So get your kit while it's still available! April & May's club kits are already listed as well!


Amelah said...

Cooo. Is that the only NEW yarn? I thought you said there was more comming? Or is it just not listed yet?

g-girl said...

hope the runny nose goes away soon. nice new yarn in the shop!

Nell said...

I don't function without naps either!

Living Inspired said...

even though I have a ton of yarn already, I may have to break down for the eco-knit!

Bea said...

Naps are very important in this house too. Hope that runny nose has gone away.

Tara said...

Nice cotton! What weight is it?