Thursday, February 26, 2009

february twenty-six

There's been some fun stuff going on around here lately! I want to introduce you to Flock of Feather Sock Yarn! Some of the colorways are listed in stock! Right now for my Spring Break sale, it's 20% off!

Though, while having fun, I had to keep these two colorways for myself. I'll let you know if more is made and will go into the shop:

Flock of Feather Sock in Ballet Slippers

Flock of Feather Sock Yarn in Blueberry Yogurt

Today was a quiet day at home, though at times, Mack was really cranky. I am really hoping that he's just cutting a tooth and it's nothing more than that at all. I did however get a lot of work done, since Sean went back to daycare today after 3 days (plus last weekend) off. It was indeed a little hard to get him into daycare this morning, but he was okay by the time I left.

This evening was a chill night, and Jamie & I watched some TV after the boys went to bed. It seems like all we've been doing lately is watching tv and chilling on the couch (me knitting while doing so). You know what, routine is good and comfortable.

Mack is now full on crawling. He can get anywhere he wants, though, he still needs to perfect his crawl. I honestly think it'll be a matter of time before he's walking. I say this because I can see it in his eyes that he just wants to keep up with Sean. (Follow him around/etc). He looks at his brother in such awe.... that I hope they become close as time passes.

Around Sean we have to watch what we say, because it's repeating everything. And he's super super super smart. He remembers things from like weeks ago, and reminds you that you told him this, or you said that.... he remembers where he hides things, and well, that could be good and it could be bad! I'm not sure yet!

The March Sock Club sold out, but there are still spots available in the April & May sock clubs as well as other options available for more lengthier subscriptions.


Nell said...

Wow! Mack's crawling already?!?!? Wasn't he just born????

g-girl said...

wow, sock yarn! how exciting. :D they are all pretty. :) mack is crawling! goodness, i'm sure you're right, soon he'll be walking. isn't it insane the brains/memory of a 2 year old. I had no idea how remarkable they were until recently!

Amelah said...

Very yummy yarn!!!

Yeah like Sean telling me to stop it???

Summer said...

That is so great that Mack is crawling!!!

Love the yarn!!!!

Jenn said...

Yay! Gooo Mack. :-) Rowan's at the exact same stage, she just needs to perfect it as well but if she wants something she will get there. LOL
I can't believe we're at the crawling stage already, eeesh. :-)
Very pretty yarn colours too!!

Bea said...

Such pretty sock yarns. So exciting that Mack is crawling. He'll be running after his brother in no time.

Tara said...

Yay Mack!!! Crawling so soon!

And love the yarn. Did you dye it yourself?