Monday, February 23, 2009

february twenty-three

I kept Sean home from daycare today as he had a tad little bit of a runny nose. This morning I had my mother come over to watch both boys so that I could run out and pick up a few things that I needed for playgroup today since it was chez nous today. I'm so grateful that my parents live just 5 streets away from us.

Mr. Mack was so happy to have his friends over today.

Mack was super happy that his friends were here too, especially his best friend Jordan. I love this photo of Jordan & his mommy.

Playgroup went super well today. It was nice to have 8 of the 12 moms with their babies over. I baked blueberry muffins & chocolate chips cookies (both of which I cannot eat on my current eating plan, but that's okay) and put out whole wheat pretzels, two flavors of chips and veggies & dip for everyone to eat. I had drinks too. Each week whomever hosts always has food out on the table. I was going to make a pasta salad but forgot to pick up the ingredients while at the grocery store this morning. Oh well, next time.

One of the moms in our playgroup is a registered nurse. I had her look at what I thought was eczema on Mack's legs. It is. So, she said it is not a big deal if I wait until I go to the doctor next week with Mack, so I'll see if I can get a script for something (maybe some cream) for him then. It's so rough and I'm just hoping it doesn't bother him. Doesn't seem to be bothering him though, so that's good. He doesn't scratch or even touch it. Maybe he doesn't even know it's there? It's also around one elbow on one of his arms. I noticed that one last week while in the pool at one of our classes.

My little artist. Maybe since Sean's more into sports now, Mack might end up being my little creative genius! I wonder if he'll be right handed or if that's just fluke which hand it was in. I'm right-handed, but both my husband and my brother are left-handed (so is my mother's brother, Jenn's dad). So left handedness does run in the family. He was so cute drawing on the doodle board. (Not as if he really knew what he was doing though).

And Mr. Mack decided to start doing Yoga today. A little "downward dog" anyone? He has figured out how to get into this position, I think it will be a matter of time now before he's full on crawling. (By the end of the week maybe?)

Tonight was a relaxing evening, I got some knitting done and we watched Chuck and then Heroes. We'll save 24 for another night. Our days are sooo filled these days, that I enjoy just hanging out with my husband on the couch at night. I am so pooped at the end of the day these days, after running around all day going to this class doing that errand, grocery shopping, laundry, this chore, that to do item.... by the time the kids are fed, bathed and in bed..... I'm just done for the evening. Forget about getting onto the treadmill even. I have to start getting on that in the morning or afternoon. There is no way in the evening I have anywhere near something that is supposed to be called energy to get onto the treadmill... no way. Not happening in the evenings.


Jenn said...

Hope Sean's feeling better soon. My 2 girls are sick too. I'm still waiting for the big crawl, I thought she was going to take off 2 weeks ago, but she's still taking her sweet time. Almost there though! :-)

g-girl said...

adorable pics of mack! i love his striped pants. :) jordan is a little cutie too! oh no, eczema. :P my niece has it too!

Bea said...

Downward dog makes me giggle.

Tara said...

I hear ya, sistah. When the kids are in bed, it's on the couch I go!