Wednesday, February 04, 2009

february four

Wednesdays are busy days. Starts off in the morning with our music class at the Y. It's a lot of fun, though I'm still finding the other moms in the class to be snobby and not people I'd be friends with. So Mackie & I enjoy the class to the best of our abilities, and let the snobby (jappy) mothers talk to each other about how their child is the best kid in the whole entire world, and how they are the best mother in the world and deserve a freakin' award. I don't even mind being the outcast... I don't need to put on my best outfit, throw on a ton of makeup and jewelery to attend a mom & tot class. Seriously! Who are these people? Ok, rant over.

After music, we headed to my aqua class. I love my aqua class. It's a super great workout - and I love how I feel after the class. I am friends with a few of the moms in the class, so it's nice to see them also enjoying this class too.

I wasn't interested in either of the 2 movies that were playing today for the mom & baby movie. Maybe next week. Next week they're playing Pink Panther (No interest) and He's Just Not That Into You, which I do want to see, but it is worth seeing in theaters, or only worth renting later on? Decisions, decisions.

Mack's new thing is that he likes to crawl backwards under things. Like his bouncy chair (that he barely uses anymore, but sometimes still do, soon he'll be too big for it).

And under the bench in the den. Doesn't know how to crawl fowards, but backwards.... no problem!

I got this the other day as a loot bag for Mack from that birthday party we missed out on recently. Isn't it just too cute? I can't wait to put the duck in Mack's room. I've never seen a lootbag like this before!

I received some mail today, some rings I ordered online. Remember, I'd been looking for that square onyx ring? Well, I wanted a solid plain square onyx ring, still do, but found this one as well. I love it! It's gorgeous!

And from the same company, a black square crystal ring. Both them are nice, but still don't replace the one I am upset about breaking/losing half of. But they'll be nice to wear in the meantime, until I do find a suitable replacement. I also ordered a pair of wood earrings, I'll blog about those when I wear them.

So, today I get to show you my secret knitting from last month! My First Design of 2009!

The pattern is called Satellite Girl and the yarn is Unwind Yarn Shiraz in Jupiter.

I'm really happy the way it came out!
I'm loving designing patterns, it's a lot of fun.
Look out for more from me this year!

Tonight I went out knitting with the West Island Knits/Crochet group. I had a lot of fun with Madeleine, Melanie, Eugenie, Helene & Ariella. We were a small group again, but still had good conversation and along with the knitting, some jewelery making. Why not! I did work on my mother-in-law's vest. It's coming along. (Not as fast as I'd like... but getting there). I hope to get it done soon as I want to be able to cast on for my February Lady Sweater this month (in February!)

Things I'm loving today:
- Bella's Mittens pattern (free pattern!)
- Pow! Hooded Scarf pattern (which I need to get)
- Watching cartoons in the morning in my bed with Sean & Mack
- Sean's greeting in the afternoon when I pick him up from daycare! ("Mooooooommmmmy!")

Tomorrow I'll tell you the story about my house insurance. Tomorrow's a quiet day, so I'll write about that then... Oh boy, did I have a heart attack yesterday after a phone call I made to my home insurance company....! Stay tuned.

ps- since we're in February already, the March Sock Club Kits have been listed to the shop. There are a handful of spots available left - don't miss out!


Nell said...

I'm loving the Bella mittens too. So pretty! But I'm on a strict baby knitting schedule. Sigh...

Bea said...

Love the design. I think you are getting to be very productive with the designing.

g-girl said...

how cute is he that he loves crawling backwards! If I remember correctly, my niece knew how to crawl backwards before learning how to crawl forwards too! the sock and your new pattern look great! :)

sharon said...

Wow those mittens are so pretty - Thank you for the linky, cause I've been looking for a pair to make out of thicker yarn!!!
And your socks look great - no laciness, which is too cool for now.
My FLS is one sleeve and a little body short. Must resist the cast on for the mittens....

Amelah said...

Oy Mackie is too cute!

Love the sock :) Have some deadlines before i can make it them :)

Uh oh..home insurance???? What now!

Very cute loot bag! I used to love those when I was smaller!

Andrea said...

Satellite Girl looks great! I'm adding it to my queue!! Great work Robyn :)

Summer said...

Cute photos of Mackie!!!

~RaenWa~ said...

Awww Mack is so cute I love the Onyx ring its cool. I love the design of your socks they came out great way to go great yarn color too.

Ema said...

The backward crawl! Bravo Mackie!

Tara said...

I heart Bella's mittens!