Thursday, February 05, 2009

february five

So, the home insurance story. Tuesday morning I was having an interesting coversation with my mom about home insurance. I couldn't figure out why I was paying more than double what she was paying monthly, and my parents home has more bedrooms than mine, as is worth more than mine, which affects your home insurance price. So, I decided Tuesday late morning to re-organize my filing cabinet (all statements and invoices that have come in over the last few months (since just before Mack's birth), have just been put in the front of the filing cabinet, and needed to be filed properly. So, I organized that, while looking for my house insurance contract. I found it (and now my filing cabinet is spick-n-span organized). I saw nothing out of the ordinary on my contract. Had my house address, and all the specs. Now, it was written out in French, so maybe there was something I was misisng? I read/understand French fluently (speaking French not so fluently as I'm shy to speak French). So I called the insurance company and told them I got a cheaper quote elsewhere for my house, and if there was anything they could do for me. I asked her to pull up the policy on my house, and upon pulling up my contract, this was the conversation:

Agent: For Which House?
Me: What do you mean which house?
Agent: We have two houses on your contract.
Me: What do you mean you have two houses on my contract?
Agent: Your policy is for your house and your duplex.
Me: My duplex? I don't live in a duplex? We moved out of the duplex in November of 2007.
Agent: Oh, we it here that you are paying for both residences.
Me: Well, that must be a mistake on your part, I called you guys up to do an address change as I was moving out of that duplex.
Agent: If you can fax me a copy of the deed of sale, we can most definitely look into this.
Me: Can I scan it and email it to you?
Agent: Sure, that won't be a problem, my email address is.....


I can't believe that I've been paying to insure my old duplex since we moved out in November of 2007. 15 months ago! I should be paying around 84$ a month including taxes, and I've been paying $217.17 per month. And of course, there was a payment that went through on Monday for Feb 2nd - March 2nd. So I dug again through my filing cabinet and found my deed of sale as well as the adjustment sheet for the taxes, etc, and scanned them and emailed them right away to her.

Upon receiving my email, she told me she'd have to call me back on Wednesday, to let me know the final refund amount as the payment from Monday that had been withdrawn from my account hadn't been shown on their end yet. She also had to see if they'd refund the entire amount, or if they'd pay off the balance of my correct insurance until August 2nd (which covers until September 2nd - the last day of my 2 year contract) and give me the balance back.

On Wednesday, she called me back and told me that they'd paid off the balance of my contract (so no more monthly withdrawls out of my bank account) and gave me the amount that they were direct depositing in my account.

I am going to be shopping around for a new home insurance company. Even with my new amount for my new house, my mom is paying cheaper for her home insurance with another company on a 2 year contract. Maybe it's time to look into other companies.

As promised, here is my GO HABS GO socks on my sock blocker, so that you can see the progress. I'm LOVING the way they're coming out.

Tired of searching in your knitting bag or purse for your knitting notions? The Knit Kit is the Swiss Army Knife of knitting tools. It includes a tape measure, stitch counter, thread cutter, scissors, crochet hook, stitch holders, and tip protectors, all on one compact device. No need to continually buy various accessories when you can have them all in one! Great for traveling by car or plane (TSA approved).

Never lose your knit knacks again! I'm selling it as a pre-order in the shop here. You can order it now to reserve yourself one, they'll be available only as of late March or Early April 2009. The Canadian Price for it is 25$ (plus shipping unless it's local pick-up), and if you're interested in one, either email me (robyn at robynsnest dot ca), or you can order one through the shop.

I'm having a huge 3$ CAD (Approx. $2.45 USD) Pattern Valentine's Day Pattern Sale in my shop! Come on by and check it out! The sale will end midnight on Valentine's Day. All patterns have been reduced to 3$! Happy Knitting!

Happy Birthday to my friend Lauren! Linked to her name is her awesome Etsy shop - she's got some awesome necklaces for sale!


Bea said...

Yikes. Good thing you caught the house bit before you renewed and ended up paying for more indefinitely.

The stripy socks is awesome.

(I've given you an award on my blog...This is not a bribe to get you to catch up. I know you will eventually.)

Nell said...

Good thing you got that all sorted out! I'm in the process of getting new insurance too. What a pain in the patoot!

dawn said...

Oh my gosh I saw that knit kit thing on someones blog and thought that was the best idea ever. I would totally change insurance companies too.

Amelah said...

Wow @least the company is doing something about it though even though that is a pretty good mess up! Unlike your phone company that did not want to send you a check for the $15 or whatever it was!

Love the sock! Go Habs Go!

That knitters gadget looks so awesome! Can't wait to get mine!

Tara said...

That's unbelievable! At least you'll score a hefty refund. Yarn binge!!! :)

g-girl said...

oh my word. you definitely need to find new home insurance! the socks look great. how exciting that you're going to be selling the knit kit in your shop!