Tuesday, February 03, 2009

february three :: 33 weeks old

Mack is 33 weeks old today.

This morning Mack had swimming lessons bright & early. 9 am, in the pool. Swimming lessons are fun, as we have friends in the class. One is a mom I went to high school with, her son is 2 months younger than Mack. The other wasn't there today.

After swimming, we dropped off my car at Acura, as it was going in for some work. My mom picked us up, and before she dropped us off at home, we did some groceries. It's always nice to have help doing groceries when you have the baby with you.

I got a lot accomplished at home (load of laundry after load of laundry) as well as packed a ton of Robyn's Nest orders for shipping, while stuck at home with no car. It was a productive afternoon, that's for sure.

I forgot to show you my rather cool ring display/holder that I got. I just love it. It's too cute.

Lately, I've been addicted to Green Tea. Any flavor. You name it, I'm collecting it (to drink of course!)
I picked up the other day this Bonnebell Lip Gloss, it's sooo awesome! It's mango flavor, and I just love the way it feels. I've been on this lipgloss kick too lately. Lip gloss/lip balm....

Did you know that Aquafina made lipgloss? I didn't! But now I do. It's pretty refreshing as well!

Tonight I went to the Habs game with Jamie. We won against the Pittsburgh Penguins, 4 to 2. It was a GREAT game, and we got to see Crosby & Malkin play, though our team played better tonight. I took the above photo after they won tonight! We had a good time!

I got a LOT of progress done on my habs socks. I will photograph them properly this week on a sock blocker to show you. (It's hard to tell in the above photo). Though, they're coming along nicely. I should have sock number 1 done at the next game I go to!) That's for sure. (Not sure when the next game is that I'm going to though... I have to check the schedule).

Sean pushed a kid in the gym at daycare today. I spoke with him and told him that he has to be nice to his friends, and he has to not push them. I asked him if he would like to be pushed and he said no, so I told him then he shouldn't be pushing others. I'm not sure how much he understand, but I'm sure he does. He's only 2 though, and he's build like a sports player. So, he may be rougher than other kids, and not realize it. Though, I'm not sure how to handle this. It's the first time he's done this to another kid. Does anyone with boys have any advice? The hard part is that he's only just turned 2.... so I'm not sure how effectively this can be dealt with... you know?


Nell said...

I'm a total lip balm whore. I LOVE them. It's a bit of a problem since I have so many! I have to have one with me at all times. Silly but harmless I think.

g-girl said...

wow, aquafina makes lip balm! sounds like you got a lot done! your new ring holder/display is cool.

dawn said...

My oldest was always really rough. He is much better now that he's four. I'm sure Sean will be fine as long as you keep telling him that pushing is not an acceptable behavior. We make sure they go to time out/the naughty spot when they don't play nice. Good luck!

illahee said...

i have no advice on rough housing...i'm afraid my baby is the one getting pushed at school. :(

let me know if you want some green tea from japan. ;) not in tea bags, though.

kate-the-enabler said...

Hey :) As far as the pushing goes....correct the behaviour, and repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat. Offer words to replace the action (no, Bobby, this is Sean's toy) apparently a lot of the time they push because they can't SAY what they want to. We go through long stretches with no pushing, and then suddenly it shows up again for a few days (repeat, repeat, repeat)..
(and you should totally take illahee up on the offer of loose green tea from Japan - mmmmm - I had some green tea that came in a ball format once which had the same 'burn' feeling as a nice glass of wine or sherry. I WISH I knew where they'd got that one it was awesome.

Amelah said...

I knew about the Aquafina lip gloss, i think they sell them at the D store. Not sure where you bought yours.

The mango stuff sounds yummy lol, not that u are supposed to eat it or anything lol!

Where did you buy the ring display thing? it is pretty cool!

Love the Habs socks. I keep emailed the girl to find out when she will have more but she doesnt answer me!

Andrea said...

I absolutely love Aquafina's lipgloss! I found it accidentally at the dollar store months ago and it's one of the best things for my lips and has a very interesting taste :D I ended up going back and buying more!

Tara said...

It's not just a boy thing, it's a 2 year-old thing. Émilie went through a pushing phase as well. Just keep reminding him that it's not okay, and he'll get it.