Saturday, February 28, 2009

february twenty-eight :: 26 months old

Sean is 26 months old today.

I am not going to complain, but he's obsessed with brushing his teeth.

Mack was really chill today, he was really cute about it too. He loves Sean's Thomas the Train Couch. I suppose now it's Mack's too - even though Sean got it for his first birthday. I'm in the middle of working with Sean to share. He likes to take toys away from Mack, that he says are his. Yes, some toys are his, but a lot are for them to share. For the first time ever today, I had to say to Jamie "Can you please separate the boys?" Holy. Never thought in a million years I'd be saying that so soon. And Mack can almost defend himself, even though Sean's double his weight. Though, It wont be long before they're both around the same weight. I give it another year and a bit before they're probably around the same. (Providing that Mack gets out of his little tiny growth curve and hits the 50th percentile, which is where Sean is.

Today was a lazy Saturday. I love lazy Saturdays. I don't get them often, or enough. I didn't even leave the house. Both boys didn't really nap at the same time today, so that gave me lack of personal time today, but I did get to hang out on the couch & knit once the boys went to bed and Jamie went to play hockey tonight. And at one point in the evening I did a huge office/desk clean up because it was very necessary.

I should have some knitting progress to show you during the week - but this weekend I've been working on some designing, so I can't really show you that yet. Soon soon! Though, shortly, I'll be able to show you the February Sock Club pattern, which I designed, and my lovely sister test knit for me. (And can I say that she test knit it in 3 days! I think that's a record for her!!)

I started a book tonight, called Addition by Toni Jordan. So far so good, but I haven't gotten very far into it yet. I want to start reading again in the evenings or before bed. I'd like to try to read atleast 1 if not 2 novels in March. I think I can do it. Do you read? What's your fave book right now? (I'm mainly into Chick Lit/British Chick Lit - have anything to recommend?)


Bertha said...

June is also obsessed with teeth brushing! She throws a huge fit if I take the brush away after like 10 minutes of brushing, ha!

g-girl said...

that is so cute he's obsessed with teeth brushing. I think it's a good thing! wow, you had to request that the boys be separated--already??? glad you got a lazy saturday. i just love lazy weekends, period! ;) can't wait to see what you've been working on. i'm gonna look through all my books that i've collected in the hopes of reading in the last year or so and see what I can come up with!

Tara said...

Maxime won'T brush his teeth, but if I ask him to come and spit (in the sink, after brushing his teeth), he comes running. lol!

And sadly I don't have time to read anymore. Knitting/blogging/Facebooking takes up all my free time!

Jennifer said...

I haven't been here in over a month (I know...shameful!) and WOW...the boys have gotten so big and incredibly c.u.t.e.!!! I can't believe they are old enough to fight over sharing toys now ;) But seriously...they get more and more adorable every are one.lucky.momma.! :)

Bea said...

I don't know about chick lit or British Chick lit. I've been reading Irish history books. They're good if you want to know about them just ask.