Wednesday, February 18, 2009

february eighteen

This morning Mack had his music class at the Y. The first half an hour is play time in the gym.

Mackie brought his brother and Auntie today to his class. Mack's teacher was asking about Sean, who used to take her class last year.

Sean had a field day playing with bubbles. His fave part. He remembered it from when he took this type of class with the same teacher when he was 13 - 18 months old.

The second half of the class was music. I snagged both fun hats for the boys to wear. I just needed a picture with them in them. Too cute. Too bad it's SUPER hard to get Sean to look at the camera these days. That's quite the challenge, let me tell you.

After going to music class I ran first to drop off Sean at daycare. Then to the nutritionist. I'm officially down 11.4 lbs as of today. Getting there! (Feeling great!) After I ran to my aqua strollers class, which was a great work out today. Then, I ran to pick up my sister as we took Mack to the Mom & Baby movie this week, which was Confessions of a Shopaholic. Just what the doctor ordered - a chick flick. I loved it. Though, since it incorporated books 1, 2 & 3, and I'd only read books 1 & 2... there were a few things that I was unsure about, but still got the jist of what I'd missed by not (yet) reading book 3. We also met at the theater my cousin Jenn, my Aunt, and little baby Henri. He's about 6 weeks old now (tomorrow).

This evening I had Knit Night with the West Island Knits. We were a big group tonight (well, large for us that is) and in attendance it was Madeleine, Ariella, Julie, Amy, Christine, and myself. I worked on a full square for my blanket, and we had nice conversation. Great conversation is always welcome!

I finally got Jamie to hang the Habs painting above the couch. I love it there. A great addition to our den. Sean loves it. He now knows what a goalie looks like, and points to it and says "Goalie"... or even calls the goalie by his name! Too cute.

I just bought this car seat for Mack. Such a good deal. Regular price is 139.99. On sale for 89.97. I had an 80$ gift card, and with taxes and 9.99 shipping, I ended up only paying 33$ and some change. Not bad! It is almost similar to Sean's car seat. Mack is still in his bucket, for now, and this is a 2-in-1 (Car Seat & Booster) not a 3-in-1 (3-in-1's can go rear facing, which they are to be until around 1 year old), so Mack will be in his bucket until he's too big for it/near 1 year of age. Though, once the spring arrives and Mack's no longer in layers, it'll probably be easier to have him in it.


Amelah said...

Love the goalie poster, looks good in the den!

Hey i tried to get a picture with Sean & Mack looking!!! Thanks for inviting me, I had fun!!! :) I enjoyed the movie too!

Nell said...

Congrats on your weight loss! That's really great!

Bea said...

Music/bubbles class looks fun. Congrats on the weight loss.

Tara said...

The bargain queen strikes again! Excellent deal on the car seat ;)

g-girl said...

how fun that your sister and sean got to go to music class with you and mack! :)