Thursday, October 01, 2009

october one

It's October first. This means the beginning of the Habs season. This means it's time to hang the flag proudly in front of the house. All new team this year... all new outlook to the season. GO HABS GO!

This morning I dropped off the last of the chocolate bar sale money. So happy to finally get that out of here. I asked what they are doing with the money from the fundraiser, and it'll be going to buy new books for the library, like it did last year. The library is one of Sean's fave things. He actually gets to take a book home each week. It definitely teaches them responsibility.

I ran out this morning to do some errands. Got some stuff accomplished. Picked up some items (early, I know) for Sean's loot bags for his birthday party. The kids will love it, I'm sure. This afternoon I worked from home, getting a lot accomplished. Things are really starting to get organized around here. I'm starting to feel a lot better about things, and checking things off my to-do list. With 2 young kids, whom are both keeping me on my toes, there is barely any free time to get work done. I do try to get as much done when I am home and they are at daycare when I'm not in the office.

Jamie called the Auberge today to see what was going on since we hadn't heard from them. There was still no answer from them as to what they were going to do for us. Apparently they will be calling us tomorrow. Let's see what happens, but I can assure you, I am not too happy with their customer service. Though, Jamie says he thinks there won't be an issue with getting some sort of refund, as we won't be going back there.

This evening after getting the kids fed, I had my mom come watch the boys while I went to "Meet the Teacher" night at Sean's daycare. Even though he's been in the classroom since July 2nd, 2009, when he got moved, most kids only got moved September 1st, so they do the Meet The Teacher night at the end of September. Basically they go over what goes on in the classroom and all that jazz.... the curriculum of what they do, etc. So I got the run down of a typical day in the classroom, and the types of things that Sean will be learning over the year. They did talk also about the fact that there are 11 boys out of 16 in the class, and that there will probably be a lot more roughness in the class this year. Sometimes I wonder if this is why Sean is hitting and pushing his friends at school. I'm not really too sure. Hopefully it'll stop as they get a bit older this year...! I can't take the "Sean hit this kid in class" anymore... I am praying it's just a phase and he'll outgrow it.

Now I'm home watching some Tv. Jamie went out to watch the first real Habs game (after pre-season) of the season. Ahh, peace & quiet. I like.


g-girl said...

that is cool that the kids get to take a book home each week! hopefully you heard from the Auberge and you get more than just 25% credited to your account.

Bea said...

Books for the library are really good. Its interesting that having that ratio of boys over girls can cause more roughness. Does this mean those girls are going to have to have an extra dose of toughness themselves?

Tara said...

Don't worry, every parent gets the "your kid hits the other kids" talk, not just you. They're 2, they'll grow out of it. Just keep reminding Sean that it's not OK to hit.