Thursday, October 29, 2009

october twenty-nine

Today I kept both boys home. Sean's still coughing. Mack has a slight cough, so to be safe, I kept them both home today. I am hoping they are both okay to go to daycare tomorrow, as I don't want them to miss their halloween party at school.

I had my sewing class this afternoon and I was lucky to have my mother babysit the boys while I went to class. I got to class and I accidentally forgot part of my sewing project at home. My teacher suggested that I start working on the next part, and since my mom was home she was going to run to my house and pick up what I forgot. I called my mom and she put it in my mailbox (since Mack was napping). It was really nice that my teacher went to pick up the piece that I forgot. It's amazing how time flies in the class. We have so much fun chatting and working, I love it. She's such an awesome teacher.

On my way home, I made a stop for some groceries and then ran home to relieve my mom of babysitting duties. I made dinner and baked a few other goodies:

I made 3 apple cakes (whole wheat), 2 which are for each of the kid's classes tomorrow for their Halloween Parties and 1 of our dinner guests tomorrow night. I also made a whole wheat zucchini bread for us to have. I was on a baking fix tonight... no idea what got into me tonight.

I finally pulled out what I wanted to have as my blogaversary contest prize. For my 8121st commenter, they will receive 1 skein of Zen Yarn Garden's Squooshy in "Robyn's Gold" as well as some dangle-free stitch markers, 2.25mm Robyn's Nest Circular Needles, a sample of SOAK, and a pair of scrabble earrings in the winners initials. I will also throw in a pattern, just haven't figured it out yet, which one. Happy Commenting!

Hubby had hockey tonight so I did work in my office after the kids went to bed. I really wanted to just sit on the couch and watch mindless tv, and knit - but I just had some work that needed to get taken care of. I'm almost caught up, maybe next week I can watch my Thursday night Chick Flick line up!


Emily said...

Is that the same colorway as the monthly club that offered that color? It seems pretty different from the one I still have... pretty PRETTY too, though! I've been meaning to knit up the kit socks (the ones that look like laced-up sandals) ever since I got the club... yup it's STILL in my queue!

Nicole said...

I LOVE zucchini bread! My mom grows her own, and then makes them all into bread or muffins.
I wish I could get a one on one sewing class. I used to sew a lot more when I was in highschool than I do now.

Bea said...

Your cakes look yummy.

i am the diva said...

that yarn is so pretty!

Tara said...

What's on your Thursday Night Chick Flick lineup?

Tanya said...

Long time, no read... I hope all is well in your world. The kids are getting so big.

g-girl said...

the picture of sean laying on mack is classic. i do that to my niece!! lol. you were a baking queen! it's relaxing, i think. :)