Wednesday, October 07, 2009

october seven :: 68 weeks old

Mack is 68 Weeks Old tonight.

This morning I had swimming with Mack in the morning. Since we were going to pick out his new snowsuit for the winter, I decided to keep him home from daycare and take him with so that he can try on the snowsuit there so I wouldn't have to go back to exchange it if it didn't fit him. Sean got to spend the day with me on Monday, so I thought it was only fair that Mack get to spend the day with me today. So my mom came with and we went to go pick out his new snowsuit. I think he is going to look very handsome this winter.

We met my grandmother (mom's mom) at a local mall as she wanted to look at a desk, and if she was going to take the desk, she needed my mother's 4x4 to bring it to her house. In the end, she decided that she wasn't going to buy that desk today, so we went for lunch elsewhere since there wasn't anywhere in the mall for Mack to eat. At lunch Mack impressed my mother & grandmother with his eating skills. This eating with a fork (and picking the food up with the fork himself is new).

While we were at the mall though, while I was loading Mack out of the car into his stroller, this guy got fed up with searching for underground parking (it was raining outside). Since there was no spots, he parked in the handicap spot. He got out of his car, and pulled his gym bag out of his trunk and proceeding into the separate gym door from the garage parking lot. Then a handicap plate came in (still raining outside) and the handicap spots were all taken. I was so furious, on my way in I mentioned it to the guard on duty. I really hope that the sports car gets a parking ticket for parking in a handicap spot. That was so disgusting of him.

When I got home I put Mack down for his nap, and since he was napping later than usual I had my mom pick up Sean from daycare toady. My mom let me know that Sean had hit/pushed a kid today in school and Sean told my mother that Taylor kicked him first. I am wondering if maybe the teacher doesn't see everything from the start when 2 kids get into something?? I am going to ask tomorrow what the story is. Maybe the other kids are provoking Sean to hit them? It's a definite possibility.

Tonight on my way to knit night the sky was a wicked! A great photography opportunity.

I worked on more squares tonight for Babette at knit night. We were a nice group tonight. I enjoyed a great plate of whole wheat pasta at this café that we hadn't been to in a long time. Good to know that they have whole wheat pasta on the menu! I love my weekly knit nights, I mean therapy sessions! I look forward to it each week!


Bea said...

I'm thinking you might be addicted to this crochet thing. It used to be all I did. Now I'm like that with knitting and so very rarely crochet.

Tara said...

I can't wait to see your Babette when you start assembling the squares! It's going to look great.

g-girl said...

oh no...the kid that hits back is always the one that gets caught!! somehow you've gotta ingrain in sean's head not to hit back.