Friday, October 02, 2009

october two

Sean has become very opinionated lately. This morning it was that he doesn't like the new diapers with Garfield on them, he wanted the other ones with Mickey Mouse on them. Well, I didn't have any with Mickey Mouse on them (except some size 3 ones that Mack fits into). After about 5 minutes of convincing him that the Garfield ones were okay, he then told me that he now likes them. Oh, 2 year olds (who are almost 3) are fun sometimes...!

After I dropped the kids off at daycare today, I picked up some Halloween decals for the front door. We have glass on either side of our door so I should be able to add decals to them. I'm not going to go too overboard with Halloween decorations since our kids are still very young, but definitely do plan on dressing up the house a little bit! Just enough to bring some Halloween spirit to the house! I also made a stop on my way to work and found a great sale in a toy department. Everything that was already on sale was on sale again. I stocked up on birthday presents for my kids, as well as Chanukah/Christmas, as well as a bunch of other gifts I needed for upcoming events (birthdays and holidays). One kid in the store couldn't believe what was in my shopping cart. I am not even sure how I fit it all in my trunk. I swear, it was as if Santa Claus dropped off gifts to my house early this year! Some of the stuff I got for Sean was parts that go with something else I already got him and put away for his birthday. Now we've got the rest of the set and for a damn good price too. I can't wait to give it to him for his birthday (end of December). As I told you, I'm the queen of deals... never fails. Really, you should come shopping with me...! I always strike gold. (Now if I could only figure out what to get my almost 7 year old nephew to go along with the socks I'm knitting for him....!)

So Jamie spoke to the Auberge today and they are willing to give us a 50$ gift certificate to the restaurant they own, which happens to have a location in the city (2o minutes from us). Unfortunately that was the only option, unless we wanted a credit to the Auberge, which we did not, since we don't plan on going there again. Now Jamie & I have an excuse to go out on a date for dinner!

I worked today, and cane up with a great idea for storing my Parmasean cheese for lunch. The single serve formula dispenser that I got are no longer being used for formula. They're perfect size for holding Parmasean Cheese, which I only like to put on my pasta after it's heated. (And yes, it's my desk you're looking at... pretty ugly, eh??) It was someone else's before mine, and pretty marked up with stuff. Oh well, I'm not complaining.

Tonight after picking up the kids from daycare, my in-laws came for supper. Jamie wasn't home tonight, so I had dinner with them and the kids. My step-mother-in-law made her homemade lasagna and it was just delicious. I love whatever she makes, so really, I can't complain.

My father-in-law decided to give Sean a lollypop just before they left. That was a few minutes before he was supposed to go to bed. Oh, what a bad idea that was...! I was so mad. It took me forever to get him to bed this evening because of that. Sean and sugar don't mix well before bedtime. Not a good idea. And then finally when I got him to bed, every 5 minutes he called out for me. I was not too happy about this. I got nothing done this evening because of him calling out to my every 5. I actually had to sit outside his door, to catch him right away, so that his screaming wouldn't wake up Mack. And he came up with every excuse in the book tonight, to try and not go to bed...! Very challenging.

Off to go finally enjoy some peace & quiet. Maybe knit a few rows?


Bea said...

Sorry about the lollipop. Ouch. That is a fantastic idea for the cheese. I have a teeny container for mine but it doesn't have a flip top lid.

Tara said...

I'm addicted to Parmesan. I don't think that container is big enough, I put so much on!