Monday, October 05, 2009

october five

Sean had his first dentist appointment ever today. At first he wasn't too sure about what was going on.

He got his teeth cleaned, and checked, he has 18 and a half teeth. He will eventually have 20 teeth, but he's still missing 1.5 of his last set of molars ("2 year old" molars).

After he was checked and cleaned, he got to pick out a toy. Besides the toys that are on the ledge, there is a HUGE toy bin to the left of where he is standing (didn't manage to get it in the photograph). That toy bin has been there since I was a wee little kiddlet getting my teeth checked. I still go to this dentist, I just don't take a prize afterwards anymore.

Sean and I both have NO cavities! I'm actually very proud of this. Never had a cavity in my life. How about them apples! Very proud of Sean's first dentist visit, and he wasn't scared at all! As well, he didn't cry! This visit could have really gone wrong. I'm sure glad it didn't! We go back in 6 months!

Sean asked to hang out with me today when we got to the car after the appointment. Since I forgot my cell phone at home I stopped by my father's store to use the phone. I had to call my mother, since I was going out with her for the afternoon. I told her to meet me at my house shortly, that Sean would be joining us and that somehow I got roped into taking him to McDonald's for lunch. Though, he was excellent at the dentist this morning that he really did deserve to go to McDonald's for lunch. The kid just loves his chicken nuggets. Sean was sad to see that the Hotwheel promotion at McDonalds was over. He was looking forward to getting a new car.

This afternoon we got winter boots for both kids. You really have to go early enough or there are no more sizes left. For Mack, I got him the very last pair of Size 4's. He's wearing a size 3 shoe right now, but it's always best to go up 1 size in winter boots. He's not quite a size 5, which I have at home, from Sean's first winter. (Sean was already in a size 5 by his first birthday. Mack's turning 16 months old on the 17th and he's still in a size 3 shoe).

Ran errands this afternoon with my mother. Its always nice to spend time with her.

Sean actually fell asleep in the car on the way home so we started inventing errands to do to keep him asleep. My mom needed gas for her car, so we went to do that. I needed to go to the bank, so we went to do that... slowly but surely, we got a few things done, and Sean actually got somewhat of a nap. (Which I wouldn't have gotten out of him had we been home).

When I went to go pick up Mack from daycare I was asked to either buy or bake pastries for Mack's Thanksgiving Day Party on Thursday. Wow, really? A Thanksgiving Day party? Sean's daycare just does a Thanksgiving Day lunch the Friday before (which would be this Friday upcoming), but a party? That I had to bake for? Well, I certainly wasn't going to pick up this crazy pastry dish she wanted me to, so I told her that I would bake an apple cake. She was okay with that. Can't forget to get all the ingredients to do it Wednesday night (for Thursday).

Tonight we hung out on the couch after the kids went to bed. We caught up on Heroes, Big Bang Theory and then House. I worked on some more Crochet Squares for Babette. Boy are they addictive! Slapping my hand though... I really should be working on other stuff. Bad, bad, Robyn!

Mack figured out how to use a fork to pick up food and then eat it off the fork tonight. It's so exciting when your child does something for the first time. I love it! And he was so darn proud of himself, let me tell you!


Firefly said...

Mack's daycare seems pretty demanding, telling you what shoes to buy, and now pastries! I wish I was getting some apple cake!

Jenny said...

Glad that all went well for the dentist. Chloe had her first appt this summer and she loved it and got to get a toy too. Geez, all we adults get is a new toothbrush! :-)

Trudy said...

Just leaving you a note to say I hope all is better with your grandfather now--I got here from Bea at Baa Baa Blacksheep. Please know you're in my thoughts.

twinsetellen said...

I'm wishing the best for your grandfather. Give those boys some extra hugs...

carolynswafford said...

Robyn, I hope your grandfather is doing okay! What a terrible thing to happen. Thank goodness there was someone there to rescue him. I'm thinking about you!!!

Bea said...

Congrats on the no cavities for both of you! I'm pretty sure I don't remember getting toys as a kid we only ever got a new toothbrush.

Tara said...

We're proud to have you in the no cavities club :)

g-girl said...

wow, no cavities for either one of you? cool! i'm glad that sean had such a positive experience for his first dental visit too. oh yeah, and i meant to say in my previous comment that my niece rarely naps either so don't worry!