Saturday, October 03, 2009

october three

This morning I had swimming with Sean. We were actually on time! Points go out to me for that one. I've been so bad with time lately... I feel horrible. Too much going on I guess and so little time. But this morning... we were on time. Sean's fave part of today's class was the slide. He kept butting in front of other kids to get extra turns on the slide. Little bugger! He got plenty of turns though, I do have to say.

After swimming I took Sean to the library, since it's in the building attached to the pool. However, I didn't know that I need my library card now to take out books, you used to be able to just give them your phone number and they'd look you up in their system. Times have changed. I also didn't know that you can no longer take out books from the other local library that used to be associated with ours. It's in the next city over. Now we can only take out books from our own town's library, that's all. But I can put in a request to have books transferred. That's allowed. I guess it's the same idea as going there yourself and picking it out, they just do the work for you of transferring it. I actually have a book that I am looking for, that someone recommended to me, but I am not sure I am going to be able to find it - and it's not currently available online. (It's a behavioral book. I am trying to read up on what I can do to get Sean to listen better and stop hitting his friends... is it me doing something wrong? Is it how I parent? Or is it normal for his age?)

Sean picked out 3 books, but since I needed his or my card which was on my desk at home, we left the books at the front desk and I promised Sean we'd come back after lunch.

Well, Sean kept me to my word. As soon as lunch was over, he practically was a broken record about going back to the library. Funny kid. We convinced my sister to come with us, and we headed out.

We had fun looking through books. Sean picked out a handful more than just the 3 that were already waiting for us at the front desk.

We had fun taking pictures in the library as well.

Picking out more books.

And looking through more books.

I even picked out 2 knitting books (the selection at my library is not that great). On our way home I picked up some groceries for dinner, and then Amy had to go home.

We had dinner guests over tonight for fondu dinner. I absolutely love having fondu. Very relaxing. I love having a slow dinner sometimes. We actually moved the dinning room table out of the dinning room and into the playroom. This was for 2 reasons. It allowed the kids to play and be seen/watched after they were done eating, and it allowed us all to watch the hockey game. The habs played tonight. We won in overtime. Very close call against Buffalo.

Sean went to bed late tonight because we had guests over. It's just the way it is now. He doesn't lke to go to bed when people are over, because I think he's afraid he will be missing out on the fun. I hope this is just a phase as well, and that in the future, he'll be able to go to bed and then we can enjoy the rest of the evening with guests. Mack on the other hand always goes to sleep with NO issues. He's truly a good baby.


Bea said...

The library day looks like fun! Its so nice that he has such a great interest in the books.

Tara said...

I've got to get back in the habit of going to the library. They close on weekends during the summer, so I sort of got used to not going anymore.

g-girl said...

that sucks that you can't check out books in the other local library in the other town. i think libraries everywhere have changed, not just yours!