Monday, October 12, 2009

october twelve

This morning Jamie ran out to get groceries and came home and made french toast on whole wheat bread. I cannot tell you the last time I had french toast. It was rather good. I cheated a little and had a little bit of syrop, but no where nearly as much syrup as I've had in the past when eating french toast. I used to pour it on. Not anymore. Definitely changed my eating habits, I tell you. For the better too.

We hung out all morning. I folded the never ending laundry, and did more loads of said never ending laundry. The boys played with blocks and Jamie built this wicked airplane. I was impressed! Sean absolutely loved it!

This afternoon we worked out in the garden preparing it for winter. We had to weed the entire vegetable garden. While weeding we found 2 more zucchinis, 4 green peppers, 3 cucumbers and 2 baby cauliflowers. We put away the BBQ for the winter, so even if there are still a few warmer nights to come, we decided to pack up the backyard, or else it would never get done.

The rest of the afternoon I spent changing over Sean's size 2 wardrobe and putting his new size 3 wardrobe into his drawers. I packed up the size 2's into 2 boxes and they will go into Mack's closet for when he grows into that size. I cannot believe Sean's officially in size 3. He's growing way too fast.

This evening Jamie picked up whole wheat pasta from our fave local pasta joint. We were both too tired after working in the garden for a few hours to make dinner. After dinner I seriously folded even more laundry. I kid you not. It just never ends. The boys got a little roudy in the bath tonight and water ended up all over the bathroom. I can't stand it when Sean gets wild, because then Mack tries to mimic everything he does. Right now Mack is going through a Monkey-See-Monkey-Do phase. Not fun.

Ahhh... what an evening.


Bea said...

Why do you fold all the laundry anyway?

Tara said...

Isn't it funny how the youngest one wants to do and say EVERYTHING the eldest does?

g-girl said...

gosh...the it that time already?? folding all the laundry is the worst..i agree. :P